The holiday season has arrived, and we’ve got just the thing for our Christmas-loving DIY’ers!

Christmas is one of our favourite times of year over here at HOORAY! Watching Christmas movies, singing along to carols and spending time with your nearest and dearest, there’s a lot to love about Christmas!  

Do you know what else we love? A good DIY! From the cutest Christmas stockings to DIY gift wrap, we’ve rounded up 10 super fun DIYs that are sure to get you in the Christmas spirit!  

1. Christmas Stocking

This adorable DIY is an amazing way to personalise a Christmas season staple. Skip the more traditional looking store-bought choices and opt for this oh-so-cute stocking instead!  

Whether you’re making it for yourself, or to commemorate your little one’s first Christmas, this DIY is bound to be cherished forever. Line-break

HOORAY!_Christmas_DIY19HOORAY!_Christmas_DIY18Line-break Via The Lovely Drawer

2. Wall-Mounted Christmas Tree 

Short on space, but love the look of a traditional Christmas tree? Well, have we found the thing for you! This wall-mounted Christmas tree is the ultimate space saving decoration, it only takes about an hour to make and it won’t break the bank!  

The best thing of all? You can use it again next year! 

HOORAY!_Christmas_DIY03HOORAY!_Christmas_DIY04Line-break Line-breakVia Lily Ardor

3. Tiny Christmas Village 

We may have found the cutest Christmas village DIY ever! This one will take a little longer to complete, but the result is more than worth it!  

Although it’s not the most traditional looking Christmas village, we just couldn’t go past this pastel glitter delight! 

HOORAY!_Christmas_DIY12 HOORAY!_Christmas_DIY13

Line-breakLine-break Via Studio DIY

4. Table Centre Piece 

This a great way to add some Christmas cheer to the centre of your dining table. Christmas can be a busy and expensive time of year, so these pinecone centrepieces are a cheap and easy way to decorate and will only take 10 minutes to make! Swap out the pinecones for florals or autumn leaves and use it year-round! 

HOORAY!_Christmas_DIY05 HOORAY!_Christmas_DIY06

5. Pompom Pinecone Ornaments

This is a fun DIY for you and the kids to do together. They’re super easy to make, the kids will have fun and they look oh so cute!

HOORAY!_Christmas_DIY08HOORAY!_Christmas_DIY07 Line-break

Via One Little Project 

6. Decorative Christmas Trees

This is another super easy DIY that is great to do with the kids but ends up looking amazing! The trees are made with design paper, so you can customise them however you want. They’ll look great as centrepieces, on top of the mantel or even on the coffee table! 


Via Sostrene Grene 

7. Christmas Gift Wrapping 

These brown paper and green foliage DIY wrapping ideas are a fun and inexpensive way to spruce up the gifts under your Christmas tree this year.  

There’s nothing like giving a thoughtful present around Christmas, and this will take you gifts to the next level, with just that extra bit of personal flair. 
Line-break HOORAY!_Christmas_DIY10HOORAY!_Christmas_DIY09Line-break

Via A Piece of Rainbow 

8. Christmas Bauble Pillows  

These ornament cushions are the ultimate Christmas decoration that are great to use for a Christmas event or bring out each year to spruce up your lounge room during the holidays. They will take a bit of time but are easy enough to make with just a few basic sewing skills and a handy hot glue gun! 

Line-breakVia Studio DIY

9. Splatter Paint Trees 

This DIY provides a colourful, modern take on the traditional Christmas tree decorations. The supply list is short and only take a few steps to complete— you’ll be blown away by how simple they are to make! 

HOORAY!_Christmas_DIY14 HOORAY!_Christmas_DIY15
Line-breakVia A Kailo Chic Life 

10. Felt Stocking Advent Calendar 

This is another DIY that will take a little more time and energy, but you’ll be left with something you can reuse and both you and your kids will be able to create such special memories every year it’s brought out. 

HOORAY!_Christmas_DIY01 HOORAY!_Christmas_DIY02

Via A Beautiful Mess