In case you hadn’t noticed, the flamingo is having a real moment—and we’re loving it! We think the flamingo makes for a fabulous party theme, which is perfectly suited to pool parties, summery soirees, kids’ parties and gatherings where no one takes themselves too seriously.

This beautiful bird has become the motif of Summer, appearing in the form of pool floats, straws, candles, balloons… just to name a few. We’ve pulled together some of our fave party pieces inspired by our pink feathery friend. Now, go on—let’s flamingle!Blog_Partywares_ThrowaFlamingoParty_01

1. Flamingo Foil Balloon, Poppies for Grace + Lark | 2. Flamingo candles, Ruby Rabbit | 3. Party hats, Poppies for Grace | 4. Honey Candles, Poppies for Grace | 5. Flamingo cake topper, Lark + Poppies for Grace | 6. Paper serving tray, The Party Provider | 7. Flag cake toppers, Poppies for Grace | 8. Temporary tattoo, Poppies for Grace | 9. Paper lolly bag, Poppies for Grace | 10. Polkadot paper plate, Lark | 11. Pineapple ornament, Pigment | 12. Baking cups, Emiko Blue | 13. Lawn flamingos, Lark | 14. Giant inflatable flamingo, Glue Store