I do believe in fairies! I do! I do!”

Didn’t we all want to be fairies once? Dancing through flowers with a heart full of magic and joy sure sounds like an enviable life to us.

We can’t think of a better way to bring whimsy and fun to any party than with a big helping of fairy dust!

That’s why we decided to round up all of the most magically inspired recipes from across the internet to bring to your next shindig.

Keep scrolling for fun and fantasy galore…

1. Magical rainbow candy bark

You just *have* to smile when you look at this magical rainbow candy bark. Best of all, it’s simple to pull together. Plus, your kids will absolutely love to have a go at sprinkling all of the sweet and sugary confectionaries across this masterpiece!


Via Hello Wonderful

 2. Cotton candy doughnuts

Aren’t these doughnuts just the sweetest things you’ve ever seen? You can make them entirely from scratch or, if that sounds like far too large an undertaking, simply use store-bought ones and decorate them with all the fluffy fairy floss your heart desires!Line-breakFairy-Party-Food-Ideas_04 Fairy-Party-Food-Ideas_03Line-breakVia Studio DIY

3. Fairy macarons

There are few treats more enticing to us at HOORAY! than a pretty macaron. So delicate and fanciful, one could imagine these delights were dreamt up by the fairies themselves! Bonus points to this recipe for the pop-rock filling which give them some extra magical flare.Line-break

Fairy-Party-Food-Ideas_14 Fairy-Party-Food-Ideas_13Line-breakVia Cloudy Kitchen

4. DIY tie-dye s’mores

Who doesn’t love an oozy, gooey s’more? We at HOORAY! wouldn’t turn up our noses at any s’more but, these colourful ones certainly have a special place in our hearts (and taste buds) now. Bonus tip: package up some extra marshmallow for your party favours, the rainbow pillows will leave your guests squealing with delight!Line-break

Fairy-Party-Food-Ideas_06 Fairy-Party-Food-Ideas_05Line-breakVia Studio DIY

5. Magical healthy bark

If our first magical bark recipe struck you as altogether too indulgent, consider giving this one a go. Made simply with fruit yogurt and coconut, it’s a brilliant way to get your guests going wild over a healthy snack!


Via Elite Daily

6. Fairy Bread

No childhood party in Australia has ever been complete without a generous serving of fairy bread. The classic recipe can be given an adorable upgrade with the addition of some sweet cut-outs!Line-break

Fairy-Party-Food-Ideas_11 Fairy-Party-Food-Ideas_09
Line-breakVia Sugar & Cloth

7. Fairy floss cupcake

Fairy floss cupcakes! Because, why not take every opportunity to include some fairy floss at a fairy party? Not only are these cupcakes absolute showstoppers,  they are also far simpler to execute than you’d imagine. What’s not to love?


Via Club Crafted

8. Fairy Friends

Every fairy needs a few friends to keep her company, and these sweet ladybugs have got to be the perfect fit! All you’ll need to bring these cute critters to life is Babybel cheese snacks and a few black olives. This snack will fly off the table!


Via Katelyn Block

9. Lucky Charms cake

This confectionary masterpiece will be sure to have your guests brimming with excitement form first sight. Completely coated in fun marshmallows, sparkling sprinkles and fluffy buttercream icing, no fairy could ever turn this cake down.Line-break

Fairy-Party-Food-Ideas_08 Fairy-Party-Food-Ideas_07


Via The Busy Spatula

10. Lemon muskmallow pie

If cake isn’t your little fairy’s favourite treat, why not try this lemon muskmallow pie. Just as delightful to taste as it is to look at, this pie is guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser.


Via The Hungry Babushka