With a birthday falling on the cusp of Autumn and winter, this cocoa and bonfire birthday bash was the perfect way to celebrate Collette’s first birthday.

Colette celebrated with friends and family at their home in Calgary, AB, Canada. Colette’s mother Andrea, an art director and designer, was the source of the creative vision for this special day—though her father would like to say he had some creative contributions as well.

And the inspiration behind the theme? Andrea explains, ‘with Colette’s nickname being Coco, it was very fitting for her party theme to incorporate hot cocoa.’

Beginning with the invitations, Andrea created a feminine and playful bonfire theme. From the invitation design came the look of the event. A tepee set the stage indoors with a felt play fire pit made by Colette’s aunt.

The cake table was adorned with florals and a special time capsule, where guests could include a written a note for Colette to read on her 18th birthday. Andrea also created a Polaroid photo timeline to show some special memories from Colette’s birth until her birthday.

Guests were treated to a toasted coconut cake, styled with rustic elements such as florals, berries, moss and pine cones. The food table was set to a backdrop of a chalkboard menu describing the tasty treats laid out for guests, including some of Coco’s fave foods such as macaroni and cheese and hot dogs.

Andrea says, ‘we set up bonfire and a hot chocolate station outside. Guests could top their hot cocoa with a variety of specialty marshmallows made by Archimallows, from Vancouver, BC. They could also indulge in the homemade smores packets by roasting them over the fire or as a take home thank you gift.’

She adds, ‘many memories were made sitting around the fire, parents roasting marshmallows with their kids and enjoying wagon rides around the yard. Everyone left with full hearts, and stomachs, especially Colette.’RC_Birthdays_Collettes1stbirthday_01 RC_Birthdays_Collettes1stbirthday_02RC_Birthdays_Collettes1stbirthday_03 RC_Birthdays_Collettes1stbirthday_04RC_Birthdays_Collettes1stbirthday_24RC_Birthdays_Collettes1stbirthday_09 RC_Birthdays_Collettes1stbirthday_08RC_Birthdays_Collettes1stbirthday_05 RC_Birthdays_Collettes1stbirthday_07RC_Birthdays_Collettes1stbirthday_11 RC_Birthdays_Collettes1stbirthday_12RC_Birthdays_Collettes1stbirthday_13 RC_Birthdays_Collettes1stbirthday_14RC_Birthdays_Collettes1stbirthday_16RC_Birthdays_Collettes1stbirthday_17 RC_Birthdays_Collettes1stbirthday_19RC_Birthdays_Collettes1stbirthday_21 RC_Birthdays_Collettes1stbirthday_20RC_Birthdays_Collettes1stbirthday_22RC_Birthdays_Collettes1stbirthday_23 RC_Birthdays_Collettes1stbirthday_18RC_Birthdays_Collettes1stbirthday_37RC_Birthdays_Collettes1stbirthday_26 RC_Birthdays_Collettes1stbirthday_25RC_Birthdays_Collettes1stbirthday_28RC_Birthdays_Collettes1stbirthday_29 RC_Birthdays_Collettes1stbirthday_31RC_Birthdays_Collettes1stbirthday_35RC_Birthdays_Collettes1stbirthday_34 RC_Birthdays_Collettes1stbirthday_33RC_Birthdays_Collettes1stbirthday_38
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Photography: Blair Marie Photography | Event planning, styling, florals, stationery + decorations: Andrea Richards | Location: Calgary, AB | Venue: Private Residence | Cake: Cake: Pretty Sweet | Marshmallows: Archimallows

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