Today we’ve got a very special treat for you—a Mother’s Day Lunch styled shoot from our fabulous friends over at Lenzo! These pretty pictures are sure to provide you with loads of décor inspiration for this Sunday.

And isn’t their event styling just to die for? We love the unique colour palette of denim blue teamed with earthy browns, pastel pink and peach tones.

We also think the ‘bubba bar’ is a super cute concept! Simply set up a bar with baby ‘bubbly’ on hand and some sweet treats for the little ones. This adorable idea is easily translatable to a little one’s birthday party, christening celebration or baby shower.

The lovely Lenzo ladies teamed up with online powerhouses She Is Sarah JaneStyling The Tribe + Zee Plus Three and their adorable offspring to put together this super stylish Mother’s Day shoot.

‘The best part about motherhood is experiencing a love that I didn’t know was humanly possible,’ says Sarah Jane.

Styling the Tribe Mama, Carla Rodan and her fam are to have a very special Mother’s day—they plan donning pink and taking part in the Mothers Day Classic. She says, ‘walking as a family in the Mothers Day Classic is a tradition we started last year and hope to continue as the boys grow up and eventually leave the nest!’

When asked about what she loves about motherhood, Emily Murray from Zee Plus Three divulged, ‘I love everything about being a mum. I love the challenges as much as the good times because everyday you grow as a person when you become a parent, always trying to improve yourself to be the best role model you can be for your children.’

Enjoy all the images from this mum and bub affair below!Blog_StyledShoot_MothersDayLenzo_01 Blog_StyledShoot_MothersDayLenzo_02 Blog_StyledShoot_MothersDayLenzo_03 Blog_StyledShoot_MothersDayLenzo_04Blog_StyledShoot_MothersDayLenzo_05 Blog_StyledShoot_MothersDayLenzo_08Blog_StyledShoot_MothersDayLenzo_06 Blog_StyledShoot_MothersDayLenzo_07Blog_StyledShoot_MothersDayLenzo_17Blog_StyledShoot_MothersDayLenzo_15 Blog_StyledShoot_MothersDayLenzo_14Blog_StyledShoot_MothersDayLenzo_19Blog_StyledShoot_MothersDayLenzo_18 Blog_StyledShoot_MothersDayLenzo_20Blog_StyledShoot_MothersDayLenzo_26Blog_StyledShoot_MothersDayLenzo_55Blog_StyledShoot_MothersDayLenzo_28 Blog_StyledShoot_MothersDayLenzo_27Blog_StyledShoot_MothersDayLenzo_29Blog_StyledShoot_MothersDayLenzo_31 Blog_StyledShoot_MothersDayLenzo_37Blog_StyledShoot_MothersDayLenzo_36Blog_StyledShoot_MothersDayLenzo_38Blog_StyledShoot_MothersDayLenzo_44Blog_StyledShoot_MothersDayLenzo_46 Blog_StyledShoot_MothersDayLenzo_45Blog_StyledShoot_MothersDayLenzo_50Blog_StyledShoot_MothersDayLenzo_54Blog_StyledShoot_MothersDayLenzo_59Blog_StyledShoot_MothersDayLenzo_61 Blog_StyledShoot_MothersDayLenzo_63 Blog_StyledShoot_MothersDayLenzo_65Blog_StyledShoot_MothersDayLenzo_74 Blog_StyledShoot_MothersDayLenzo_75Blog_StyledShoot_MothersDayLenzo_79Blog_StyledShoot_MothersDayLenzo_78 Blog_StyledShoot_MothersDayLenzo_76Blog_StyledShoot_MothersDayLenzo_80Blog_StyledShoot_MothersDayLenzo_81 Blog_StyledShoot_MothersDayLenzo_83Blog_StyledShoot_MothersDayLenzo_84Blog_StyledShoot_MothersDayLenzo_89Blog_StyledShoot_MothersDayLenzo_87 Blog_StyledShoot_MothersDayLenzo_90Blog_StyledShoot_MothersDayLenzo_91

Event styling: Lenzo | Photographer: Hails And Shine | Floral styling: Tori Allen Events | Models: She Is Sarah JaneStyling The Tribe + Zee Plus Three | Venue: The Garden’s House Via Peter Rowland | Catering: Peter Rowland  | Furniture: Place Settings | Festoon Lights: Prolight And Sound | Champagne: Veuve Clicquot | Cake Topper + Balloon Tassels: Little Confetti Love | Round Balloons: Belle Balloons  | Lawn Games: My Sweet Event | Script Balloons: Burnt Butter | Shoes: Bared Footwear | Jewellery: Nicole Fendel | Gold Perspex Earrings Merci Perci | Clutch The Daily Edited | Flower Box Cartel Flowers | Sarah Jane’s Outfit: Keepsake The Label | Carla’s Shorts + Jacket: Thurley | Carla’s Shirt: Steele | Emily’s Outfit: Jump Clothing | Mia Grace’s Onesie: Little Hearts | Children’s Clothing: Cotton On Kids| Partyware: Ruby Rabbit Partyware | Sarah + Emily’s Makeup: Isabella Quinn | Sarah + Emily’s Hair: Todd Barrett | Carla’s Hair + Makeup: Tahlia Jayde