Grazing boards have completely taken over our Instagram feeds lately, and we are not complaining!

We can’t get enough of the Marie Antionette style feasts overflowing from long tables and wooden chopping boards.

With such spreads constantly appearing in various styles, we figured it was about time we do a deep dive into all your grazing table options!

From sweet to savoury, meat galore or all-veg, we’re sure there is a grazing option perfect for any and everybody!

Keep scrolling for your fill of grazing table inspiration in every form…

Game Day

Crispy fried chicken, salty pretzels, cheese and jalapenos are one fun combination we can totally get behind. Pair it with a few beers, a bunch of friends and a great game on TV and you’ve got yourself a guaranteed good time.


Via That Cheese Plate


Sugar Overload

Do you have a party around the corner or is your sweet tooth simply calling to you? Either way, a sugar-laden grazing board could tick all the boxes!


Via @thegrazingsisters_


We Love Carbs

Why not give your bread and crackers a grazing board of their own? Serve alongside a grazing board of possible toppings or simply feast on bread alone. We promise we won’t judge either way.


Via Peas and Thank You



We’d bet this gorgeous spread is appetising enough to convince even the most die-hard carnivores to happily eat their five-a-day dose of vegetables.


Via Sorella Collective


Loved Up

If you’re thinking about how to shake up your next date night or simply hoping to treat your special someone, then this delectable grazing board could be the answer to your prayers. Creamy cheese, tart berries, sweet treats and characterise favourites make this platter one hell of a lustful meal.


Via Cheese Pretty Please


Much Better Than A Continental

Are we the only ones who’ve dreamed of diving into a big batch of freshly baked pastries? We didn’t think so! Choose a spread of all your favourite baked treats and you’ll be sure to serve up a breakfast everyone will enjoy.

Grazing-table-ideas_09 Via Platter Up Co.


Summer Seeker

Pretty, healthy and fun, in other words, everything we could ever ask for. A summery spread of tropical and citrus fruits and sweet red berries will never let down.


Via Sorella Collective


All Things Choc

Chocolate lovers rejoice! A grazing board of featuring chocolate and only chocolate is indeed possible!


Via Nibble and Graze