Adam and Amelia describe their wedding day as ‘one big love feast’.

‘We wanted to create a very relaxed and fun party where everyone could drink beautiful South Australian wine, eat Barossa Valley produce until their hearts were content and dance until their feet blistered!’ said the couple. ‘We had guests fly over from NSW, NT, WA, VIC, as well as 8 other countries, so we really wanted to show off what South Australia has to offer.’

While Adam and Amelia aren’t religious, they still wanted the grand feeling of a church for their wedding ceremony, so the pair decided to get married in a renovated wool shed.

‘We wrote our own vows and tied the knot with a traditional ‘handfasting’ ceremony.’ said Amelia. ‘The ceremony was my favourite part!’

Afterwards guests gathered to enjoy bubbles and oysters while overlooking the incredible Barossa Valley, then they were taken on a walk to the other side of the property where the ‘big love feast’ was set up under a gorgeous marquee filled with high tables, hay bails and wine barrels.

We had a gigantic feast including hog roasts, a seafood BBQ, rustic salads and more, all laid out on a beautiful piece of old cedar wood on wine barrels. We wanted our guests to be overwhelmed with the excitement of good hearty food,’ said Amelia. If you’re planning a rustic wedding filled with good food and fabulous wine, you’ll definitely want to check out Adam and Amelia’s big day below.RC_Wedding_Adam-Amelia_01.jpg RC_Wedding_Adam-Amelia_05.jpg RC_Wedding_Adam-Amelia_02.jpgRC_Wedding_Adam-Amelia_03.jpgRC_Wedding_Adam-Amelia_04.jpgRC_Wedding_Adam-Amelia_06.jpgRC_Wedding_Adam-Amelia_07.jpg RC_Wedding_Adam-Amelia_10.jpg RC_Wedding_Adam-Amelia_09.jpg RC_Wedding_Adam-Amelia_08.jpgRC_Wedding_Adam-Amelia_11.jpgRC_Wedding_Adam-Amelia_13.jpgRC_Wedding_Adam-Amelia_12.jpg RC_Wedding_Adam-Amelia_14.jpgRC_Wedding_Adam-Amelia_15.jpgRC_Wedding_Adam-Amelia_16.jpg RC_Wedding_Adam-Amelia_20.jpgRC_Wedding_Adam-Amelia_21.jpg RC_Wedding_Adam-Amelia_25.jpg RC_Wedding_Adam-Amelia_24.jpg RC_Wedding_Adam-Amelia_23.jpg RC_Wedding_Adam-Amelia_22.jpg RC_Wedding_Adam-Amelia_17.jpg RC_Wedding_Adam-Amelia_18.jpg RC_Wedding_Adam-Amelia_19.jpgRC_Wedding_Adam-Amelia_26.jpg RC_Wedding_Adam-Amelia_30.jpg RC_Wedding_Adam-Amelia_29.jpg RC_Wedding_Adam-Amelia_28.jpg RC_Wedding_Adam-Amelia_27.jpgRC_Wedding_Adam+Amelia_31 RC_Wedding_Adam+Amelia_35 RC_Wedding_Adam+Amelia_34 RC_Wedding_Adam+Amelia_33 RC_Wedding_Adam+Amelia_32RC_Wedding_Adam+Amelia_36 RC_Wedding_Adam+Amelia_40 RC_Wedding_Adam+Amelia_39 RC_Wedding_Adam+Amelia_38 RC_Wedding_Adam+Amelia_37RC_Wedding_Adam+Amelia_41 RC_Wedding_Adam+Amelia_45 RC_Wedding_Adam+Amelia_44 RC_Wedding_Adam+Amelia_43 RC_Wedding_Adam+Amelia_42RC_Wedding_Adam+Amelia_46 RC_Wedding_Adam+Amelia_50 RC_Wedding_Adam+Amelia_49 RC_Wedding_Adam+Amelia_48 RC_Wedding_Adam+Amelia_47RC_Wedding_Adam+Amelia_51 RC_Wedding_Adam+Amelia_54 RC_Wedding_Adam+Amelia_53 RC_Wedding_Adam+Amelia_52RC_Wedding_Adam+Amelia_55Photography Two Chairs Photography | Videography Kane Chenoweth | Event Planning Bride + Family | Event Styling Bride + Groom | Decorations Steve Angel | Floral Styling Bride | Florals Tynte Street Flowers | Hire Items Vida EventsWhite Marquee Events + Caso Light N Sound | Event Venue Kingsford Homestead | Catering Hand Made Catering | Drinks Mayhem & Co.Wines | Cake Barossa Cheese | Stationery Bride | Entertainment Mitchell Harrington | Wedding Gown | Rapsimo Bridal Gowns | Suits Saville Row Tailor | Engagement Ring Niessing | Wedding Bands Eliana Klenicki + Heraldica | Celebrant Jo Sturdy