Weddings are a time for celebration. They’re an occasion to get together with friends and family and share in the joy of two people who love each other, deeply committing their lives to one another. Wedding hashtags can be a very effective way of getting those that couldn’t make it to the wedding involved, while also showing off some fun moments from your day!

In this article, we’ll cover the best ways to make an unforgettable wedding hashtag for your garden wedding, coastal wedding, destination wedding.

What are wedding hashtags?

Wedding hashtags are a way for couples and wedding guests to share photos and sentiments on social media. These tags can then be used in various ways, like sending out thank you cards after the wedding, sharing pictures on Pinterest boards with friends and family that couldn’t make it to the wedding, or posting on social media for guests wanting to look through candid wedding moments.

Wedding hashtags are often pun-filled, sentimental phrases, or a combination of both. Some hashtags are also theme-inspired. For instance, a beach wedding or summer wedding might be inspiration for #sunsoakedwedding or #sandyfeet.


Wedding hashtags are generally shared in the months before the wedding, often making their debut at an engagement party or wedding shower. Then, the hashtag is used throughout the preparations and into the day of the wedding. Later, couples may even use their hashtag for anniversaries and other milestones.

During the wedding, hashtags are shared on placards, signs, and other areas where your attendees are sure to see them. They even make great slogans for printing onto cocktail napkins, paper cups, and so much more! The more visible you make your hashtag, the more likely your attendees will use it when sharing photos and more on social media.

Why you need a wedding hashtag

Wedding hashtags are a fun way to keep the wedding day in mind, even weeks or months before and after the event. They’re also an easy way for guests and friends to find photos from weddings they attended on social media.

Hashtags can be used as part of your wedding theme when you choose which hashtag to use for your big day. It’s a good idea to create your own wedding hashtag or your attendees may do it for you!

A good time to start thinking about hashtags is when you plan the engagement party or decide on a theme. Talk it over with friends and family members who will be helping out during the planning process–they may have some great ideas that could lead to perfect tags.

Lastly, wedding hashtags help you curate your own wedding photos and guests’ photos. They can help you to keep track of who has been tagged in which photo or video, such as the bride’s maids or a particular guest-of-honor (e.g., Uncle Jack from England).

Now let’s talk about how to go about creating unique and fun wedding hashtags.

How to create the perfect wedding hashtags

You have some options when it comes to creating wedding hashtags. You can try making your own, using a hashtag generator, or hiring a professional wedding hashtag writer. Let’s break down each of these options so you can decide which is best for you.

Different Ways to Create Hashtags

D-I-Y Hashtags

You might be thinking, “Wait a minute. I’m not good at making up my own hashtags.” And that’s okay! Making your own wedding hashtag doesn’t need to be time-consuming or hard work. We suggest you sit down with your spouse-to-be, pour a glass of your favorite beverage, and write your ideas out on a piece of paper. 

Here are some easy ways to create a custom hashtag yourself:

– Utilize the date of your weddinh

– Use a maiden and/or new last name

– A destination wedding can be inspiration

– An inside joke between your friends or family can be a fun source for a hashtag


This approach isn’t ideal for people who have a hard time coming up with new ideas on the fly. It’s also quite time consuming when you’re busy planning other aspects of your wedding. If you’re not a writer or creative type, we suggest utilizing the next options: using a hashtag generator or hiring a pro to do it for you!

Hashtag Generator 

A wedding hashtag generator may be right for you if you need some help finding ideas. A hashtag generator is an online tool that’ll create good, but general hashtags for you by running through all combinations possible based on your surnames and wedding dates.

Using a wedding hashtag generator is easy!

Type in your surnames and wedding date into the generator. A list of hashtags will be generated based on these two variables. You can then scroll through this list, mark out ones that you don’t want to use, or add new words onto them for different phrases such as ‘happily ever after.’ The hashtag generator is a generic way to create a wedding hashtag, so we don’t suggest this for everyone.


However, a hashtag generator is great for getting your creative juices flowing and providing you with ideas for creating your own unique wedding hashtag. But if you’re looking for that little extra oomph to make your hashtag remarkable and unforgettable, it’s time to bring in the pros.

Professional Hashtag Writers

Professional wedding hashtag writers can create hashtags for you, and they’ll be able to take into account the style of your wedding. Wedding hashtag writers are the real pros. This is their job, and they do take hashtags seriously. Many writers are great with puns, jokes, and more, to make your hashtag extra-memorable.

Why use the services of professional hashtag writers

Using a wedding hashtag writer has many benefits. They know what’s trending and can create the best hashtag. Plus they’ll come up with some punny jokes or silly sayings.

For people with a little extra money in the budget, this is a great way to extend the guests’ social media experience. Guests will be posting about your wedding for weeks after it’s over, and this allows them to share their thoughts in an organized fashion.

Then, as a couple, you can explore your wedding together from the perspective of your guests. This is a new-ish experience for couples. In the past, you only had your professional wedding photos to rely on for memories. Now, you have a whole wedding event full of people taking, uploading, and sharing photos. 


How to get started on creating the perfect hashtags through pro writers

Once you’re ready to start working with a professional wedding hashtag writer, you’ll want to reach out to the company. Make a list of the things you want to include in your hashtag, and give it to them. You can be as detailed or vague as you like when coming up with these items as the company will work with you every step of the way.

Often, they’ll have a survey or list of questions for you and your spouse-to-be to fill out. Then, their team of writers will get to work on creating customized wedding hashtags for your selection. They’ll often provide you with a few options for one base price. Usually, the turnaround time is just a few days. You can expect a handful of hashtags soon after you commission them for work.

Once you receive these, you and your fiancé will sit together and choose the best one for your wedding day! With your hashtag, you can now get to work on how you will use it. Many couples opt to debut their wedding hashtag at the engagement party or wedding shower. Your hashtag can be shared online, in your invitations, at the events themselves. At the event, be it the engagement party or wedding reception, be sure to share your hashtag in high-traffic areas like the bar to make sure people know what to use when posting on their social media feeds.

Wedding Hashtags for your big day

Whether you choose to make your own wedding hashtag, use a wedding hashtag generator, or hire a professional wedding hashtag writer, you have options. Just remember that time is money, and if you find yourself short on time (and ideas), it might be a good idea to find a pro to help. We hire wedding planners, event specialists, and so many more people to support our wedding day festivities, why not an expert hashtag writer?

Don’t sell yourself short by skipping this unique slogan that’s sure to make your wedding memorable and allow your guests to share their memories of the event with you. The memories you create will be something you and your spouse will revisit in the months and years to come. And, those extra special snapshots can be printed and added to your wedding scrapbook!