If you’re looking for wedding inspiration that is simple and understated, yet oh-so-elegant, you’ve come to the right place. Julie and Jamie’s intimate wedding is sure to inspire you!

The wedding took place at the beautiful Burnham Beeches property in Sherbrooke, Victoria. After exchanging vows below leafy oak trees in a lush garden ceremony, the couple and their guests then retreated to the Piggery Café for a revelrous dinner reception.

The day was captured by Kat and Scout of It’s Beautiful Here, a photography duo we love to recommend to our readers.

An understated approach

Julie and Jamie’s nuptials is the antithesis to the stereotypical big, fat, overly ornate wedding. There’s no bridal party, flower girls, ceremony styling, or unnecessary frou-frou to be found here.

Instead, the couple hosted a low-key and fuss-free affair.

Julie and Jamie tell us, “by nature, we are quite introverted, quiet people, so the thought of a big wedding was not for us at all – we just wanted a simple celebration outdoors with our closest family and friends.”

“From the time we decided to get married until the day finally arrived was only three months in total, which is absolutely crazy when you think about it! But in saying that, it was also probably the best parameter we could have possibly had, because it very quickly brought into focus the things that mattered most to the both of us, and we were able to cut through the ‘noise’ of the smaller, less consequential details that can come to the fore when planning your own wedding.”

“We researched a lot and split up the task of organising everything between us (full credit goes to our trusty whiteboard in helping us stay on track!), but in saying that, we also made the big decisions together. The same can be said for selecting vendors, which we undertook mostly together – we both felt that we had to feel really comfortable with whoever was involved in our day, and a lot of that comes down to intuition. All in all, we both felt that we had just the most beautiful team of people working with us, and we couldn’t have imagined it without them.”

The couple’s favourite moments

Reflecting on the day, Jamie and Julie agree there are three stand-out moments (although of course, it’s hard for them to narrow it down!).

“Firstly, we decided to arrive at our ceremony together. This was such a special moment when we got to first greet our family and friends. It was particularly special for me, as I wasn’t expecting that my grandfather would be able to join us on the day, and seeing him there when we arrived was just the best feeling in the world!”

“Secondly, we decided to write our own vows separately, and sharing these with one another was such a special, beautiful moment.”

“And finally, dancing the night away to live music with all of our friends and family!”

Wedding-The-Piggery-Cafe-Burnham-Beeches_01Wedding-The-Piggery-Cafe-Burnham-Beeches_02 Wedding-The-Piggery-Cafe-Burnham-Beeches_03Wedding-The-Piggery-Cafe-Burnham-Beeches_04Wedding-The-Piggery-Cafe-Burnham-Beeches_05 Wedding-The-Piggery-Cafe-Burnham-Beeches_06Wedding-The-Piggery-Cafe-Burnham-Beeches_07Wedding-The-Piggery-Cafe-Burnham-Beeches_08 Wedding-The-Piggery-Cafe-Burnham-Beeches_09Wedding-The-Piggery-Cafe-Burnham-Beeches_10Wedding-The-Piggery-Cafe-Burnham-Beeches_11 Wedding-The-Piggery-Cafe-Burnham-Beeches_12Wedding-The-Piggery-Cafe-Burnham-Beeches_14 Wedding-The-Piggery-Cafe-Burnham-Beeches_13Wedding-The-Piggery-Cafe-Burnham-Beeches_15Wedding-The-Piggery-Cafe-Burnham-Beeches_16Wedding-The-Piggery-Cafe-Burnham-Beeches_17 Wedding-The-Piggery-Cafe-Burnham-Beeches_18Wedding-The-Piggery-Cafe-Burnham-Beeches_19Wedding-The-Piggery-Cafe-Burnham-Beeches_20Wedding-The-Piggery-Cafe-Burnham-Beeches_21Wedding-The-Piggery-Cafe-Burnham-Beeches_22Wedding-The-Piggery-Cafe-Burnham-Beeches_23Wedding-The-Piggery-Cafe-Burnham-Beeches_24 Wedding-The-Piggery-Cafe-Burnham-Beeches_25Wedding-The-Piggery-Cafe-Burnham-Beeches_27 Wedding-The-Piggery-Cafe-Burnham-Beeches_26Wedding-The-Piggery-Cafe-Burnham-Beeches_28Wedding-The-Piggery-Cafe-Burnham-Beeches_30 Wedding-The-Piggery-Cafe-Burnham-Beeches_29Wedding-The-Piggery-Cafe-Burnham-Beeches_31Wedding-The-Piggery-Cafe-Burnham-Beeches_32 Wedding-The-Piggery-Cafe-Burnham-Beeches_33Wedding-The-Piggery-Cafe-Burnham-Beeches_34Wedding-The-Piggery-Cafe-Burnham-Beeches_35Wedding-The-Piggery-Cafe-Burnham-Beeches_36Wedding-The-Piggery-Cafe-Burnham-Beeches_37Wedding-The-Piggery-Cafe-Burnham-Beeches_38 Wedding-The-Piggery-Cafe-Burnham-Beeches_39Wedding-The-Piggery-Cafe-Burnham-Beeches_40Wedding-The-Piggery-Cafe-Burnham-Beeches_41 Wedding-The-Piggery-Cafe-Burnham-Beeches_42Wedding-The-Piggery-Cafe-Burnham-Beeches_43 Wedding-The-Piggery-Cafe-Burnham-Beeches_44Wedding-The-Piggery-Cafe-Burnham-Beeches_45


Photography: It’s Beautiful Here | Venue + Catering: The Piggery Cafe | Location: Burnham Beeches | Guest list: 80 people | Event Planning: Vue Events | Floral Styling: Azalea Flowers | Cake: Beurre Cakes & Pastries (colourful cake) + Julie’s mum (white cake) | Celebrant: Megan Jordan | Make Up + Hair Styling: Greta Keddie | Stationery: Paperless Post | Entertainment: ‘Like This’ Band | Bridal gown: Suzanne Harward | Jacket: Unreal Fur | Bride’s earrings, Julie’s wedding ring + engagement ring: Abby Seymour | Jamie’s wedding ring: Kim Victoria | Shoes: Elk the Label | Groom’s suit: Oscar Hunt