This is one of those styled shoots that simply gets better with every scroll. Dear readers, prepare yourselves for some seriously pin-worthy shots!

We love the fun colour-palette of soft pinks, peaches and yellows, teamed with lush greenery and set upon a bright white background. Not to mention those floral-filled balloons with cascading foliage… it’s like all our bloom + balloon dreams came true!

Sandra of Simply Peachy put the bridesmaids at the centre of this whimsical shoot, rather than a bride and groom.

Sandra explains, ‘There is so much emphasis on the bride and groom when it comes to shoots that I wanted to do something a little different that involved a bit of glitz, glam and fun all mixed in with whimsical touches.’

‘It was about celebrating friendship as well as the new journey that the bride is about to embark on. And as with any celebration between friends, you can’t go wrong with some party fun and lots of colour, so I brought on an amazing team of vendors including our florist, Helen from Lime Tree Bower and Shannon from Born to Party to bring fun elements and pops of colour in via giant floral balloons.’

‘We had so much fun playing around with florals and balloons on the day and loved how it all turned out. Lucky for us, David from We Are Origami Photography was behind the lens to capture it all on film!’Blog_StyledShoot_SimplyPeachy_02 Blog_StyledShoot_SimplyPeachy_05Blog_StyledShoot_SimplyPeachy_04Blog_StyledShoot_SimplyPeachy_07Blog_StyledShoot_SimplyPeachy_16Blog_StyledShoot_SimplyPeachy_22Blog_StyledShoot_SimplyPeachy_20 Blog_StyledShoot_SimplyPeachy_21Blog_StyledShoot_SimplyPeachy_26Blog_StyledShoot_SimplyPeachy_24 Blog_StyledShoot_SimplyPeachy_29Blog_StyledShoot_SimplyPeachy_32Blog_StyledShoot_SimplyPeachy_33 Blog_StyledShoot_SimplyPeachy_34Blog_StyledShoot_SimplyPeachy_44 Blog_StyledShoot_SimplyPeachy_48Blog_StyledShoot_SimplyPeachy_54Blog_StyledShoot_SimplyPeachy_58 Blog_StyledShoot_SimplyPeachy_60Blog_StyledShoot_SimplyPeachy_56Blog_StyledShoot_SimplyPeachy_72 Blog_StyledShoot_SimplyPeachy_71Blog_StyledShoot_SimplyPeachy_77Blog_StyledShoot_SimplyPeachy_82 Blog_StyledShoot_SimplyPeachy_81 Blog_StyledShoot_SimplyPeachy_90Blog_StyledShoot_SimplyPeachy_83 Blog_StyledShoot_SimplyPeachy_80 Blog_StyledShoot_SimplyPeachy_94 Blog_StyledShoot_SimplyPeachy_93Blog_StyledShoot_SimplyPeachy_98 Blog_StyledShoot_SimplyPeachy_97Blog_StyledShoot_SimplyPeachy_96Hooray Editorial / BTS from La Lune Cinema on Vimeo.


Styling and props: Simply Peachy | Photography: We Are Origami Photography | Florals: Lime Tree Bower | Balloons: Born to Party | Hair and Make Up: Amy Chan | Cakes: Minnie Sweet Creations | Dresses: Twobirds Bridesmaid | Video: La Lune Cinema | Models: Amber Clare, Katie-Jane Sharpe + Maddy May