‘911, what’s your emergency?’ ‘We’ve got a cuteness overload happening over here!’

Marco celebrated his third birthday in spectacular fashion with a fireman themed birthday party at The Joinery in Brisbane.

Marco’s mother Penny says, ‘the firefighter theme was specifically requested by the birthday boy Marco who is obsessed with all things relating to firemen—fire trucks, firefighters, hoses and fireman poles. Fireman Sam is to blame for this!’

The event was hosted by two ‘fire captains’, with little partygoers enjoying a fire engine jumping castle, DIY fire engine craft station, and games such as ‘Ring of Fire’, ‘Fire Engine Races’, Tug-of-War, a piñata, and ‘Extinguish the Burning House’ throwing game.

The invitation stipulated dress ‘code red’, asking firefighters, police officers, doctors, and nurses to prepare for a ‘red hot’ party.

The event styling was bold, clean and contemporary. With such an expansive space to work with, larger key styled areas were used to create focus and impact.

Key features were the cake and dessert table with ‘flaming’ suspended streamer backdrop, which created height and drama. Another key feature was the children’s seating with individual helium balloons to lift table, the letter ‘M’ illuminated feature wall to draw attention to the rear lounge area, and the fire engine jumping castle to really bolster the theme.

And the best moment of the day? Penny says, ‘Seeing Marco light up (not literally) when he saw the room all set and complete with Fire Engine Jumping Castle. He stayed in the castle long after the guests had left!’Blog_Celebrations_Marcos3rdBirthday_58Blog_Celebrations_Marcos3rdBirthday_10 Blog_Celebrations_Marcos3rdBirthday_09 Blog_Celebrations_Marcos3rdBirthday_08Blog_Celebrations_Marcos3rdBirthday_31Blog_Celebrations_Marcos3rdBirthday_06 Blog_Celebrations_Marcos3rdBirthday_02Blog_Celebrations_Marcos3rdBirthday_07Blog_Celebrations_Marcos3rdBirthday_18Blog_Celebrations_Marcos3rdBirthday_21 Blog_Celebrations_Marcos3rdBirthday_22 Blog_Celebrations_Marcos3rdBirthday_23Blog_Celebrations_Marcos3rdBirthday_25Blog_Celebrations_Marcos3rdBirthday_29Blog_Celebrations_Marcos3rdBirthday_30 Blog_Celebrations_Marcos3rdBirthday_33Blog_Celebrations_Marcos3rdBirthday_37 Blog_Celebrations_Marcos3rdBirthday_36Blog_Celebrations_Marcos3rdBirthday_41Blog_Celebrations_Marcos3rdBirthday_44
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Photography: Milly Bakker, Milly Jane Photography | Event planning + styling: Sasha Giocondo, ZIPPR | Venue: The Joinery | Location: West End, Brisbane, Australia | Guest list: 60 adults and 35 children | Cake table: Bloomberry Flowers Events Design | ‘M’ feature wall: Styled Events | Hire items: Saffy & May, Styled Events, Jolly Jumps, Brandition | Catering + drinks: Chez Nous Corporate | Cake: Jocelyn Hancock, Cake & Bake  | Desserts: Karen’s Cupcakes 

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