Eden and James didn’t meet in the most romantic of ways. In fact, it was 4am on Oxford Street in Sydney when a mutual friend introduced them, just over five years ago.

Eden is Egyptian and James is Australian, and while the couple wants to have an intimate wedding, they couldn’t possibly deprive Eden’s family of the huge celebration they’ve always wanted. Instead, they decided to hold an Egyptian engagement extravaganza that their guests would never forget.

Eden had a very clear idea of how the party was to look and feel – Arabic. When her guests arrived, she wanted it to be like they were walking onto the set of Cleopatra or a Yul Brynner film, with different areas for different activities.

‘There was the shisha pipe tent area which had floor pillows, metre-tall lanterns and Moroccan rugs to just lay about,’ said Eden.

‘Under the big tent, there was a dance floor with the band and DJ…I covered the beams with foliage and pockets of dahlias and the tables with Egyptian fabric and put out little scatter candles and vases full of flowers. Below in the main grass area, I had two large tents with pillows and benches for people to hang out and I placed fairy lights on top to create an intimate yet celebratory atmosphere. I just made it comfortable and communal so everyone would feel welcome.’RC_Engagement_EdenandJames_01.jpg RC_Engagement_EdenandJames_02.jpg RC_Engagement_EdenandJames_06.jpg RC_Engagement_EdenandJames_05.jpg RC_Engagement_EdenandJames_04.jpg RC_Engagement_EdenandJames_03.jpgRC_Engagement_EdenandJames_07.jpg RC_Engagement_EdenandJames_12.jpg RC_Engagement_EdenandJames_11.jpg RC_Engagement_EdenandJames_10.jpg RC_Engagement_EdenandJames_09.jpg RC_Engagement_EdenandJames_08.jpgRC_Engagement_EdenandJames_13.jpg RC_Engagement_EdenandJames_18.jpg RC_Engagement_EdenandJames_17.jpg RC_Engagement_EdenandJames_16.jpg RC_Engagement_EdenandJames_15.jpg RC_Engagement_EdenandJames_14.jpgRC_Engagement_EdenandJames_19.jpgRC_Engagement_EdenandJames_27.jpgRC_Engagement_EdenandJames_26.jpg RC_Engagement_EdenandJames_24.jpg RC_Engagement_EdenandJames_23.jpg RC_Engagement_EdenandJames_22.jpg RC_Engagement_EdenandJames_21.jpg RC_Engagement_EdenandJames_20.jpgRC_Engagement_EdenandJames_25.jpg RC_Engagement_EdenandJames_30.jpg RC_Engagement_EdenandJames_29.jpg RC_Engagement_EdenandJames_28.jpg

Photography Alana Landsberry | Event Styling Eden Abagi + Kitty Brenner | Florals Kitty Brenner | Hire Items Sydney Prop Specialists | Venue Private Residence | Location Sydney, New South Wales | Guest List 200 guests