Choosing the colours for your event is a big part of the planning process. Once you’ve got the colours nailed, all the other stylistic decisions are easy! We teamed up with our friends Five Star Party Co to pull together the ultimate guide on using colour to style your party. They’re strong believers that a party needs to be bold, adventurous and colourful—and we couldn’t agree more!

Check out our tips on using colour to style your party below:

Tip 1: Start by picking a colour palette

Use the style of your event and event your venue as the inspiration for your colour palette. Are you after an elegant feel? Pick subdued shades and metallic touches. Or perhaps you’re after something a little more fun and punchy? Go bright and bold with your colour choices.Blog_Tips_How-to-style-with-colour_07Images: Oh Happy Day 

Tip 2: Use PMS colour-matched party products

Once you’ve settled on a colour palette, it can be tricky to track down party ware in the perfect shade—after all, you don’t want varying shades of colour throughout your décor (unless of course, you’re intentionally going for an ombre look!). To avoid varying shades of colour, we suggest opting for PMS colour-matched party products, like the ranges available at Five Star Party Co. Then you’ll be able to ensure all your décor matches perfectly—from balloons, to tableware and hanging décor.Five-Star-8Image: Five Star Party Co

Tip 3: Explore the ombre trend

We’re still seriously crushing on the ombre trend! To pull off this look, Choose one colour and break it down into its various tints, shades and tones, and use these throughout your styling, along with a neutral colour. If you’re looking to achieve this look be sure to check out the huge range of colours available through Five Star Party Co.Blog_Tips_How-to-style-with-colour_13Left: Poppies for Grace | Right: House Lars Built

Tip 4: Layer in texture

While colour plays a key role, the use of shape and textures will really make or break your event styling. Once you’ve got the basic colours sorted, layer in textures such as geometric patterns, fun prints, foiling, and metallic finishes. Combining different layers of textures and finishes will add interest to your party décor.Blog_Tips_How-to-style-with-colour_10Image: HOORAY! Let’s Party Shoot, Hannah Blackmore Photography

Tip 5: Add depth

Once you’ve organised your textures, extend the depth and complexity of your design. Use clusters of well-placed statement pieces and hanging décor to extend the eye upwards, adding drama and height which is sure to ‘wow’ partygoers.Blog_Tips_How-to-style-with-colour_11Image: House of Party