A whimsical garden party overflowing with florals, desserts and wine? We say—yes way, rosé!

A colour palette of pink and berry red tones, deep ink blue, eucalypt green and touches of gold set the scene for this garden do, with styling inspired entirely by sweet sparkling rosé wine.

Key styling features included a four-metre long picnic table, a dessert table dressed with blooms, a wine bar and a modern organic balloon arch cascading from the ceiling.

The florals

Upon a free-standing backdrop of deep blue, florists arranged varieties of foraged eucalypt and an abundance of fresh blooms to create the ultimate feature above the dessert table. The spectacular 2.5-metre floral installation was masterfully crafted by three talented flower babes—Freyja, Bel and Isobel of The Floral Society, Canberra.

The flower gods themselves, Tesselaar Flowers, provided the best bunches of the season for the florists to work with—including peonies in soft pinks, ruby reds and peach tones, as well as Daphne, Spray Roses, David Austins and Amaranthus.

The decor

Willow and Ink’s beautiful calligraphy featured on signage and sat atop flatware, while incredible paper floral creations by Amanda May Lee dressed the wine bar. Décor items from Lark Store were perfectly on theme—with ‘More champagne’ and ‘Rosé all day’ napkins, sparkling jumbo balloons filled with gold confetti, gold straws, a balloon arch, and ‘Cheers’ signage balloons adding a sense of frivolity to the festivities.

The photography

The day was captured in stunning visuals by Bel Combridge Photography, who not only used her keen eye to photograph the beautiful details of the set up, but also lent her art direction skills to lift the styling to new heights.

The desserts

Guests were treated to a decadent array of desserts, including donuts, éclairs, cupcakes, chocolate gems and panna cotta with Oreo crumb, created by dessert artist extraordinaire Pip and Lou in her signature style ‘a beautiful mess’.

A pastel pink croquembouche with touches of gold leaf and cascading florals took centre-stage, crafted by none other than Ali King. And yes, you have probably heard that name before—Ali is of recent TV fame, after being mentored by ‘Australia’s very own Willy Wonka’ Adriano Zumbo on television show Zumbo’s Just Desserts.

And to finish it all off? Chocolate bark in all shades of pink, adorned with dried florals and glistening with gold specs from Hey There Sugar! provided a scrumptious sugary treat.

The wine

And what would a ‘Rosé all day’ party be without a little rosé? Guests sipped on glasses of Jacob’s Creek Le Petit Rosé—a wine with vibrant varietal flavours and a lovely textural, chalky acidity, which leads to a soft, generous yet restrained finish, as well as Jacob’s Creek Sparkling Rosé—combining generous red berry and citrus fruit flavours with creamy yeast autolysis with a round, soft finish.blog_styledshoot_rose-all-day_001009blog_styledshoot_rose-all-day_001003 blog_styledshoot_rose-all-day_001011blog_styledshoot_rose-all-day_001007blog_styledshoot_rose-all-day_001017blog_styledshoot_rose-all-day_001020 blog_styledshoot_rose-all-day_001026blog_styledshoot_rose-all-day_001030blog_styledshoot_rose-all-day_001028blog_styledshoot_rose-all-day_001040 blog_styledshoot_rose-all-day_001043blog_styledshoot_rose-all-day_001042blog_styledshoot_rose-all-day_001070blog_styledshoot_rose-all-day_001073blog_styledshoot_rose-all-day_001047blog_styledshoot_rose-all-day_001055 blog_styledshoot_rose-all-day_001050blog_styledshoot_rose-all-day_001049blog_styledshoot_rose-all-day_001048 blog_styledshoot_rose-all-day_001054blog_styledshoot_rose-all-day_001062blog_styledshoot_rose-all-day_001066 blog_styledshoot_rose-all-day_001074blog_styledshoot_rose-all-day_001093blog_styledshoot_rose-all-day_001171blog_styledshoot_rose-all-day_001076 blog_styledshoot_rose-all-day_001078blog_styledshoot_rose-all-day_001084blog_styledshoot_rose-all-day_001103blog_styledshoot_rose-all-day_001082blog_styledshoot_rose-all-day_001088blog_styledshoot_rose-all-day_001104blog_styledshoot_rose-all-day_001097blog_styledshoot_rose-all-day_001109blog_styledshoot_rose-all-day_001106blog_styledshoot_rose-all-day_001121blog_styledshoot_rose-all-day_001110blog_styledshoot_rose-all-day_001128blog_styledshoot_rose-all-day_001114blog_styledshoot_rose-all-day_001131 blog_styledshoot_rose-all-day_001149
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Photography: Bel Combridge Photography | Styling: Emily Coates, HOORAY! Magazine | Venue: Private residence | Location: Canberra, Australia | Floral styling: The Floral Society | Flower supplier: Tesselaar Flowers, with special thanks to Felicity and Julia | Calligraphy: Willow and Ink | Dessert artist: Pip and Lou | Croquembouche centrepiece: Ali King | Chocolate bark: Hey There Sugar | Party wares: Lark Store |  Napkins: Betsy White (available at Lark Store) | Paper Flower decorations: Amanda May Lee | Floral headpieces: K is for Kani | Labels: Avery Products | Model: Stephanie Melis, Alana Ring + Stephanie Hunt | Wine: Jacobs Creek | Beer: Capital Brewing Co

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