So, you’ve been invited a wedding …and even though the invite has been stuck to your fridge for months, you haven’t got an outfit planned. You’ve raided your wardrobe and still have nothing to wear. Zip. Zero. Zilch.

Sound familiar? Never fear, HOORAY! is here! In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of picking up a last-minute outfit for the big day.RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_28.jpg

Image: Emily + Ed’s Wedding, Lara Hotz Photography

1. Decode the dress code

Your first point of call should always be the dress code noted on the invitation. Is this a formal black tie occasion, or a more laid back garden wedding? If you’re having trouble understanding the dress code listed on the invite, take a peek at our article on ‘How to Interpret Dress Codes for a Wedding’.

2. Consider where the wedding is being held

Is the wedding being held in an indoor venue, or in the sprawling outdoors of a garden or farm? This will be a key consideration for your outfit choice—particularly when it comes to your choice of shoes (stilettos and grass are never a good combination!). Indoor venues will make it easier for you to get around in heels, whilst a blocky-heel or platform would be a smarter choice for an outdoor do.

3. Consider the weather

This one’s a biggie! Too often do we forget to factor the weather when planning wedding outfits (and there’s nothing worse than shivering your way through a wintery wedding!). If it’s going to be cold, opt for warmer fabrics and be sure to factor in a jacket to your total outfit. Equally, if it’s going to be sweltering hot, we recommend picking a light breathable fabric such as linen.

4. Go shopping for outfits

Now, the fun begins! Because you’ve left it so last-minute (silly you!), we recommend you hit the shops. If you’re from Sydney, check out this Guide to Shopping in Sydney for a run down on all the local boutiques.

5. Don’t wear white!

In the rush of it all, it can be easy to forget the basic dos and don’ts of wedding guest attire. Above anything else, don’t wear white! This is the bride’s time to shine. While it’s okay to incorporate touches of white in a print or accessories, steer clear from a solid white outfit

6. Add accessories

Now, it’s time to jazz things up! Lift your outfit to the next level with some statement accessories. Trends we’re loving at the moment are big earrings paired with a simple dress; resort-style hats for casual beach weddings; and turbans in all shades of amazing hues.