Edie’s third birthday was every little girl’s dream day. With her mum being an event planner, of course Edie’s birthday was always going to be very special. Set at her family home, it was the perfect location for a day of full of fun and celebration. The day was designed around the lace and wild flowers; every element was chosen to give a casual, yet delicate style.

Daisies and poppies were scattered throughout the tables, decorating a pink cake and filling vintage brass vases, which added to the outdoorsy style and created the perfect indoor flower garden.

‘My daughter loved feeling special with her friends at the little table I set up for them. They pretended to be at a tea party of course!’ says Edie’s mum.

The party was a brunch time affair, so lemon ricotta pancakes, French toast casseroles and fruit salad were on hand for all the hungry guests. A mimosa bar was set up for the parents to indulge in, with juice and milk available for the little ones. Being a birthday party, cupcakes and donuts were on offer for all, each beautifully decorated to fit the theme and tone of the event.RC_Birthdays_Edies3rdBirthday_01.jpg RC_Birthdays_Edies3rdBirthday_02.jpgRC_Birthdays_Edies3rdBirthday_03.jpg RC_Birthdays_Edies3rdBirthday_06.jpg RC_Birthdays_Edies3rdBirthday_05.jpg RC_Birthdays_Edies3rdBirthday_04.jpgRC_Birthdays_Edies3rdBirthday_07.jpg RC_Birthdays_Edies3rdBirthday_12.jpg RC_Birthdays_Edies3rdBirthday_11.jpg RC_Birthdays_Edies3rdBirthday_10.jpg RC_Birthdays_Edies3rdBirthday_09.jpg RC_Birthdays_Edies3rdBirthday_08.jpgRC_Birthdays_Edies3rdBirthday_13.jpg RC_Birthdays_Edies3rdBirthday_18.jpg RC_Birthdays_Edies3rdBirthday_17.jpg RC_Birthdays_Edies3rdBirthday_16.jpg RC_Birthdays_Edies3rdBirthday_15.jpg RC_Birthdays_Edies3rdBirthday_14.jpgRC_Birthdays_Edies3rdBirthday_19.jpg RC_Birthdays_Edies3rdBirthday_24.jpg RC_Birthdays_Edies3rdBirthday_23.jpg RC_Birthdays_Edies3rdBirthday_22.jpg RC_Birthdays_Edies3rdBirthday_21.jpg RC_Birthdays_Edies3rdBirthday_20.jpgRC_Birthdays_Edies3rdBirthday_25.jpg RC_Birthdays_Edies3rdBirthday_30.jpg RC_Birthdays_Edies3rdBirthday_29.jpg RC_Birthdays_Edies3rdBirthday_28.jpg RC_Birthdays_Edies3rdBirthday_27.jpg RC_Birthdays_Edies3rdBirthday_26.jpg

Photography Megan Welker | Event planning + styling Beijos Events | Floral styling + cake topper Megan Vos, My Florals | Location California, USA | Venue Private residence | Decorations Boho Pillow + Borrowed Blu | Stationery Paperless Post

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