This intimate elopement has us mesmerised with its stunning simplicity.

Unfolding in the light-filled studio space of 21C Museum Hotel in Oklahoma, Madelyn and Renner ditched the fanfare of a traditional wedding, in favour of an intimate ceremony in the company of a small circle of family and friends.

Madelyn says, ‘We eloped and it was magical! We chose to elope because we have always believed that the biggest day of our life should be about US! And only us. We wanted this day to be private and stress-free. Our loved ones were in our hearts, if not in our eyes. It was a dream come true!’

Madelyn carried a bouquet bursting with autumnal colours crafted by the botanic artists at Juniper Designs, featuring roses in shades of soft pink, peach and deep reds, complemented by greenery en masse.

The couple originally met in high school, but it wasn’t until college that their relationship blossomed.

Madelyn explains, ‘Oh my! I STILL get butterflies just thinking about it! Renner and I originally met in high school but rarely crossed paths, if ever, really! BUT—we both secretly crushed on each other—who knew! Many moons later, in our later years of college, we reconnected through a group of friends and have been inseparable since that day!’

‘Renner proposed in our very first home—on my birthday! We went to a beautiful dinner and headed home to begin celebrating my 22nd. Little did I know, my ALMOST fiancé and sweet, life-long friend had more than just birthday balloons waiting for me. I opened the front door to a house full of rose petals, candles and the man of my dreams on one knee! The rest is history.’

Madelyn adds, ‘Elopement isn’t for everyone. I have family and friends who love the idea but it just isn’t for them. I totally get it! But I do hope our story inspires other who have considered the idea of eloping. The intimacy on that special day is something you will treasure for a lifetime. Plus! Who wouldn’t like a little more cash for a killer after party and extended honeymoon? Just sayin’!’

Enjoy all the images from Madelyn + Renner’s elopement below. HOORAY_Wedding_Madelyn-Renner_Petyon-Rainey-Ryford_01 HOORAY_Wedding_Madelyn-Renner_Petyon-Rainey-Ryford_02 HOORAY_Wedding_Madelyn-Renner_Petyon-Rainey-Ryford_03 HOORAY_Wedding_Madelyn-Renner_Petyon-Rainey-Ryford_04HOORAY_Wedding_Madelyn-Renner_Petyon-Rainey-Ryford_06HOORAY_Wedding_Madelyn-Renner_Petyon-Rainey-Ryford_17 HOORAY_Wedding_Madelyn-Renner_Petyon-Rainey-Ryford_12 HOORAY_Wedding_Madelyn-Renner_Petyon-Rainey-Ryford_13HOORAY_Wedding_Madelyn-Renner_Petyon-Rainey-Ryford_19HOORAY_Wedding_Madelyn-Renner_Petyon-Rainey-Ryford_36 HOORAY_Wedding_Madelyn-Renner_Petyon-Rainey-Ryford_38 HOORAY_Wedding_Madelyn-Renner_Petyon-Rainey-Ryford_39HOORAY_Wedding_Madelyn-Renner_Petyon-Rainey-Ryford_57 HOORAY_Wedding_Madelyn-Renner_Petyon-Rainey-Ryford_48


Photography: Peyton Rainey | Venue: 21C Museum Hotel | Location: Oklahoma City,  United States of America | Floral styling: Juniper Designs