This husband and wife duo bring a contagious energy to wedding photography, with their fun-loving approach and passion for their craft echoing throughout every frame.

As one of our newest discoveries to join the HOORAY! Vendor Guide, we wanted to learn a little more about the talents behind the lens.

We caught up with Evan and Clair from Wedding Gallery Studio to learn more about their business, their photographic style and a whole lot more.

Read our full interview below.

1. Tell us about yourselves

We are a husband and wife team. I’m Evan, a guy with a passion for capturing couples’ unique love stories and special moments through intimate, spontaneous and candid images.

My wife Clair tends to care for the finer details, assisting me and often helping the bride and groom through the stress of their photo shoot.HOORAY-Magazine_Wedding-Gallery-Sydney-Photographer_14

2. How did you get into photography?

It was faith (or at least I believed it was!). It was an ordinary Friday night, and I, a 15-year-old boy, was somehow watching a movie with my parents. The main actor in the movie was a photographer and when I saw him carrying that silver Leica camera, I was like “how cool is that!?” So, then I begged my father for a camera for my 15th birthday (wouldn’t be a Leica, for sure). And that camera has since changed my life…HOORAY-Magazine_Wedding-Gallery-Sydney-Photographer_18

3. Describe your aesthetic

I hold to the Confucian maxim that all things have their beauty, though not everyone can see it.HOORAY-Magazine_Wedding-Gallery-Sydney-Photographer_16

4. What advice would you give to potential clients when choosing a photographer?

Follow your instinct—sometimes the first photographer that draws your attention might JUST be the right one. It’s common to see couples spending a lot of time researching, comparing and deciding on the right photographer, then after looking at so many different styles, they get confused about which one is right for them and lose their instinct.HOORAY-Magazine_Wedding-Gallery-Sydney-Photographer_22

5. What does a typical day look like?

A typical day without a photo shoot involves walking my dogs, having breakfast with my lovely wife who is also running this business with me, editing images, reading books and browsing the internet for inspiration. At the same time, my wife will be checking emails, answering queries from clients, helping with editing, and sometimes trying to cook a nice dinner together or going out to try a new restaurant …and then more editing after dinner!HOORAY-Magazine_Wedding-Gallery-Sydney-Photographer_23

6. What is your most memorable project?

There are way too many memorable weddings I have been a part of, so it might take me three days just to go through all the memories and pick the best one. Well, I have photographed a Vietnamese wedding recently and it was quite unforgettable – why? Well to start, there were ELEVEN bridesmaids on the day! I love photographing weddings with different cultural elements like Chinese tea ceremonies, Haka dances, and not to mention those beautiful and unique traditional outfits! It’s fascinating to see and be a part of all these big love festivals!HOORAY-Magazine_Wedding-Gallery-Sydney-Photographer_09

7. What is your favourite aspect of your job?

Witnessing and capturing the most unforgettable part of two people’s journey being together.HOORAY-Magazine_Wedding-Gallery-Sydney-Photographer_24

8. What is your best advice for couples when working with their photographer?

Spend quality time talking to the photographer and ask as many questions as you need before locking it in with him or her. Once you decide to go with a photographer, you should give them 100% of your trust—especially on your wedding day!HOORAY-Magazine_Wedding-Gallery-Sydney-Photographer_20

9. We are happiest when…

We are happiest when we see the happy tears of the couple while they watch the slideshow of their wedding photos (which we prepare for them as a surprise when they come to pick up the USB!).

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