A garden ceremony with ice cream, a haute couture gown with pockets, and high school sweethearts with a whole lot of love …yep, this romantic garden wedding in Perth ticks SO many of our boxes!

Steph and Will first met in high school when they were 15. Despite attending the same school, they didn’t say a word to each other until they struck up a conversation at a party in year 11. They went to their year 12 ball together and have been inseparable ever since!

Fast-forward to the day of their 10-year anniversary, Steph and Will exchanged vows in Cottesloe Civic Centre in Perth in the company of 100 family and friends.

Steph says, ‘My favourite moment was walking down the aisle and not only seeing my beautiful fiancé standing there beaming at me, but also walking through a crowd of people that love and support us.’

We especially love that the couple served ice cream to their guests at the ceremony (seriously, who doesn’t love ice cream?!). The couple even organised customised napkins, complete with 10 fun facts about themselves (including the fact that Steph wanted an ice cream van, Will said no, but Steph did it anyway!).

A colour palette of rose gold and blush tones created a soft, sweet tone for festivities infused with awe-inspiring florals styled by Natural Art Flowers.

Steph says, ‘Rebecca Grace from Natural Art is a legend; I let her flow with her creative flair and could not have been happier with the result! Our save the dates were tied with eucalyptus and our circular ceremony backdrop was completely covered with eucalyptus leaves leaving a wonderful scent on the day, and incorporating some beautiful pampas grass! The roses Rebecca used were stunning; many people could not believe they were real!’

Steph’s wildly romantic bridal gown was adorned with an array of scattered silk flowers, intricate beading and iridescent crystals.

Steph says, ‘My Mother, mother-in-law and I, flew across the country to Sydney to find the perfect dress. After many stores and many more dresses, I flew home empty handed. Once back in Perth I fell in love with Galia Lahav’s Arabella gown and asked a bridal boutique to order the dress. As soon as I put it on I discovered it had pockets and burst out in excitement!! When I turned to look at my mum she was teary – a very rare sight – and I knew it was the one!’

And the couple’s advice for those planning to tie the knot? They say, ‘Take your time and enjoy it! When it begins to feel like a chore put down the planning and pick it up again when you are feeling re-energized and enthused. The day is over so quickly it is so important to enjoy the planning process just as much!’HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_01 HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_02HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_03 HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_04HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_05 HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_06 HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_07HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_10 HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_08HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_09HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_11HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_12 HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_14HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_16 HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_15HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_17 HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_18HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_19 HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_20 HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_21HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_24 HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_23HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_25HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_26 HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_27HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_31 HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_33HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_28 HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_29HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_35 HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_36HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_38HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_41 HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_42 HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_44 HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_45 HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_47HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_49HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_52 HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_53HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_54HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_59 HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_55 HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_56HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_57 HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_58HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_60 HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_61 HOORAY_Steph-Will-Wedding_Perth-Cottesloe-Civic-Centre-Cottesloe_62


Photography: Keeper Creative | Ceremony Venue: Cottesloe Civic Centre, Cottesloe | Reception Venue + Catering: Rambla on Swan, South Perth | Guest list: 100 guests | Videographer: Daisy Clover Films | Event Planning: Bride + Mother of Bride | Floral Styling: Natural Art Flowers | Hire Items: Swan Event Hire + Festoon Lighting Perth | Bridal Gown: Galia Lahav – Arabella | Bridesmaids gowns: Asos | Accessories: Lovisa + Solid Gold | Suits: Tony Barlow | Engagement Ring + Wedding Bands: Solid Gold Diamonds | Celebrant: Ken Booth | Hair: Lee Preston | Make up: Courtney Sharp Makeup Artistry | Transport: Belle Limousines | Ceremony Assistance: Beaumonde Catering | Ice Cream Truck: JJ Sweet Bliss Ice Creams | Cake: Virginia Larsen (Mother of Groom) | Invite + Ceremony Cards: Minted | Acrylic name plates, Save the dates, Table Numbers + Bobble Head Favors: Etsy | Seating Plan: Paper Fusion | Entertainment: Arthur King | String Quartet: Riverside Ensembles