Christophe and Beatrice first met in Lyon, France over seven years ago. Christophe says, ‘it was love at first sight. We met during a three-day trade show. It was a one in a million chance that we met—Beatrice was living in the south-west of France and was about to leave France for her career and I was living in Paris following my business studies. At the trade show, I was an intern for an ethical brand and Beatrice was there to help her mother. We had our first kiss on day one.’

They say, ‘when you know, you know’ …and Christophe certainly knew that he and Beatrice shared something special. So, after only two months together, Christophe proposed.

‘Two months after we met, Beatrice left France to follow her dream in Doha in her first job as flight attendant for Qatar Airways. I didn’t imagine how hard it would be to live away from her. After school and during the weekend I spent my time on Skype with her. It was the only thing that made me strong and happy.’

‘Even if our relationship was young, I knew that she was the one, I had this feeling that told me, “that’s the woman of your life” and I wanted her to be more than just my girlfriend. I was a student at this time, so I didn’t have enough money to travel to see her. But I worked hard and sold all my belongings to buy a ring and a ticket for Doha. On the 19 of February 2010, I proposed to her and she said yes.’

Seven years later, in a small village in the South of France, Beatrice and Christophe exchanged vows in the presence of 50 close family and friends.

Christophe says, ‘We celebrated our union in the South West of France were Beatrice grew up. We knew the weather would be great, better than Paris where we live together.’

‘Beatrice had the dream of an outside and bohemian wedding—nothing traditional, and really simple but also immaculate. We were looking for a place where all family and friends could stay and spent few days together. We wanted something really intimate with our family and closest friends.’

In styling their celebration, the couple took inspiration from Beatrice’s personal sense of style. Christophe explains, ‘Beatrice is really boho in the way she lives and dresses, but she loves also beautiful and expensive things. It’s a little bit strange, I know, but that’s how I love her!’

‘So, she wanted to have a wedding gypsy, bohemian, outside with lights and everything white with a touch of gold, rugs for the dancefloor and a big tree for the laic ceremony, big wicker chairs with flowers for us, vases with flowers hanging on the tree, just two big tables for dinner.’

And the couple’s advice for those soon to be wed? Beatrice and Christophe say, ‘Don’t try to copy someone else’s wedding; find your own ideas—you might use the social networks, like Instagram or Pinterest, it’s great, but then mix everything to create your own.’HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_01HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_02 HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_03HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_04 HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_10 HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_11 HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_13 HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_18 HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_19HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_22 HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_21HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_24HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_25 HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_26HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_30 HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_31 HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_32 HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_33 HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_35 HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_34HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_37 HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_38 HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_39 HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_40 HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_41HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_42 HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_44 HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_43HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_46HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_51 HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_55HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_59 HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_60HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_61HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_64 HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_65 HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_66 HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_69 HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_68HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_70 HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_71HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_73 HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_76 HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_78 HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_79HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_90 HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_91 HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_93 HOORAY_Sasa-Adamovic-France-Wedding_94

Photography: Sasa Adamovic | Videography: Eyebeam Wedding + Kaniomfilms | Event Planning, Styling + Stationery: The Bride + Groom | Location: Eymet, Dordogne, Southern France | Guest list: 50 guests | Floral styling: Le temps d’une fleur | Entertainment: DJ RafaL The Saint | Bridal gown: Grace Loves Lace