It’s almost Halloween… Now let’s talk treats!

Are you stuck for quirky and fun sugary treats to bring to the table this Halloween? Don’t worry witches, HOORAY! has you covered.

For totally adorable and super yummy Halloween-themed treats, keep on reading.

We’ve put together 10 of our favourite spooky party treats for you try this coming Halloween.

1. Halloween Choc Chip Cookies

These choc-chip monster cookies are sure to be a hit at your Halloween party! Swirls of delicious buttercream icing create these adorable ghosts that will look fantastic on your treat table.

2. Witches Hat Biscuits

Who could say no to baking up these wacky Halloween witches’ hat treats! With Hershey’s Kisses for adorable pointy witches’ hats, they taste every bit as good as they look.HOORAY!-Halloween-Party-Food-Inspo13

3. Mummy Pops 

Did someone say cake pops? These yellow-eyed mummy treats are equally cute and spooky. With a nut-butter cookie base, these are a must-have for your Halloween party.HOORAY!-Halloween-Party-Food-Inspo07

4. Monster Cotton Candy Cupcakes

Cuteness overload! Cupcakes have never looked so good. With cotton-candy hair and butter-cream icing, these cake monster goodies are sure to please.Line-breakHOORAY!-Halloween-Party-Food-Inspo04HOORAY!-Halloween-Party-Food-Inspo06Line-break

5. Halloween Oreo Balls

These Halloween Oreo balls iced up as spooky creatures are a super funky idea. With Oreos as the main ingredient, these little guys are an easy-peasy party treat.Line-break HOORAY!-Halloween-Party-Food-Inspo09HOORAY!-Halloween-Party-Food-Inspo08Line-break

6. Spooky Iced Donuts

Everyone loves a donut—and at Halloween, they make for the perfect tasty treat. Iced up as spiderwebs or cute creepy-crawlies, these doughnuts are the perfect boo-rrific treat for your Halloween party. HOORAY!-Halloween-Party-Food-Inspo10

7. Monster Cookie

Aren’t these just the coolest chomping monster cookies you ever did see? With choc chip teeth and marshmallow eyes, these quirky little guys are definitely one for your party table.HOORAY!-Halloween-Party-Food-Inspo05

8. Bat Cupcakes

Who knew cupcakes could be so cute? These clever cupcake-creations turn delicious treats into spooky decorations ready to be devoured. Featuring Oreos Minis, they are a must-have this Halloween.HOORAY!-Halloween-Party-Food-Inspo01

9.Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Spider Cookies

We’re not usually one for spiders, but we just can’t get enough of these cuties! These spooky cookies are great for a little trick or treating fun! The little spider creations made with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are every bit as good as they look.peanut-butter-spider-cookies-recipe