No one is too young or too old to have a blast at a Halloween bash!

All Hallows eve is creeping up quickly, so now is the time to start thinking about how you are going to nail your best Halloween party yet!

We’ve pulled together a few top tips for throwing a fang-tastic Halloween party this spooky season.

Keep scrolling and let’s get this party startled.

1. Out of the box styling

Here at HOORAY! we are all for throwing out the rule book and doing things your own way. While there is certainly nothing wrong with the taking the typical sinister pumpkin patch route, why not shake it up and try something out of the box? Maybe try Halloween in all pastels, all monochrome—or this purple, black and white theme that couldn’t be cuter!


Image via Momo Party

2. Something to sink your teeth into

How often do you get a better excuse to gorge on candy than Halloween? As they all say, if you’re going to something, do it with style. With that adage in mind, pulling together one of these devilish grazing stations is a no brainer!

How-to-throw-a-halloween-party_02 How-to-throw-a-halloween-party_06Line-breakImages via The Baker Mama

3. Every day is a good day for cake

While cake may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to Halloween, a good party isn’t complete without a frighteningly good cake to stick your fork in. Whether you go for creepy or cute, a theme cake will always go over a trick, I mean treat…How-to-throw-a-halloween-party_04How-to-throw-a-halloween-party_05 Line-breakLeft: Image via Baking With Blondie | Right: Image via Baking With Blondie

4. Don’t let the drinks miss out on the fun

I want to suck your blood! …I mean, this spooky mocktail. Try channelling your inner monster and whipping up Whitney E R.D’srecipe for vampire’s kiss Halloween cocktail. Raspberries and pomegranate juice pump up the creep factor in this tasty tipple.

Our hot tip? Make one batch with sparkling wine for the grownups and one with lemonade for the kids. There’s no reason everyone can’t enjoy this monstrous delight!

How-to-throw-a-halloween-party_08 How-to-throw-a-halloween-party_07Line-break

Images via Whitney E R.D

5. What’s Halloween without a costume?

No Halloween party could be complete without costumes. Halloween is the one night a year you can pretend to be anything, so why not take the opportunity and run with it? Try offering a prize to the best costume to encourage all of your guests to be a part of the fun. Just try not to frighten any unsuspecting neighbours too badly…


Image via Hello Wonderful