Carolyn and Matthew’s wedding is surely one to garner inspiration from! We’re sure you’ll love this fun, pink-hued celebration.

Marie Kondo-ing their own wedding, the pair only included elements that sparked joy, and ditched the ones that didn’t (hint: first dances are out and Lego building tables are in). The pair were not going to do anything that didn’t bring them joy on their big day.

The Styling

Carolyn and Matthew tell us that their stylist, Kate from Good Day Club, described their wedding theme as ‘Rock ‘n’ Floz’, which we think is just so fitting!

‘We’d seen a lot of very white, pared back weddings and knew that wasn’t really our thing—we wanted to go bold and bright!’ Carolyn tells us.

As a lover of mid-century furniture, Carolyn was inspired to include vintage furniture from Good Day Club with the gritty, arty warehouse vibe from their venue fortyfivedownstairs.

The loved up couple wanted the wedding to feel vibrant, which meant bright florals and neon accents juxtaposed with the vintage furniture.

Paying homage to Carolyn and Matthew’s Australian and New Zealand roots, the pair also included stylised illustrations of native botanicals from both countries on their stationery from By Jena Marie and throughout the venue.

The Clothes

Carolyn found it difficult to find a dress that was ‘her’ but had been a huge fan of Georgia Young Couture for a long time. The Jan Juc jumpsuit from Georgia Young Couture ended up being perfect. Carolyn describes the process of having it fitted and made especially for her as a wonderful experience in the lead up to the wedding.

Matthew wore bespoke tailored trousers made from MacKintosh hunting tartan in green and red, a special nod to Matthew’s Scottish heritage.

‘It was a source of much anxiety as the weaver and tailor, Kinloch Anderson, couriered the fabric swatches to Melbourne direct from Scotland,’ the couple explain.

The Extra Touches

The 1960s radiogram-turned-mobile charging station is a cute twist of modern and vintage, and a handy addition for the guests!

Matthew is a huge Lego fan, which naturally called for a Lego activity table (a clever way to include a creative activity for guests who don’t want to boogie!). There was even a Lego competition and Lego-themed party favours for each guest.

Check out the photos below for more inspiration from this creative couple!
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Location: fortyfivedownstairs | Photographer: Gold and Grit | Event Planning: Little Village Creative | Event styling, Hire Items & Decorations: Good Day Club | Floral Styling: Good Grace and Humour | Catering and Drinks: Ed Dixon Food Design | Stationery: By Jena Marie | Entertainment: Baker Boys Band | Wedding Gown: Georgia Young Couture | Bridesmaids Dress: Lover | Shoes: Christian Louboutin | Suit: Custom + Kinloch Anderson | Celebrant: Marry Me Dee |

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