Phillip and Monique met at a party when they were 18. Being a bit awkward and shy, it wasn’t until Josh (one of the groomsmen) played cupid, ensuring the pair were alone together a couple of months later, then the sparks really flew!

The pair wanted a wedding not constrained by any particular themes or style. Everything they chose was considered and picked for how it could contribute to their day, and whether it would make them happy.

The Florals

The couple chose one of our favourite Canberra-based floral studios, Barton Flower Bar, to create the blooms.

‘We loved their aesthetic and knew they would be perfect for our big day,’ explains Monique.

The couple met with them early and shared their Pinterest board of ideas for colours and shapes—and that was it!

‘When I had my first glimpse of the bouquets on the day I was blown away, they were just gorgeous!’ gushes Monique.

The couple’s advice? ‘Trust your vendors’ Monique and Phil tell us, ‘You picked them for a reason.’

The Venues

Phil’s ‘must-have’ for the day was an indoor venue, so the pair wouldn’t need to worry about the weather in the lead up to the wedding.

This requirement led to the pair choosing their stunning Canberra venues: The Fitters Workshop for the ceremony, and Parlour Wine Room for the afterparty.

For the ceremony, Monique and Phil wanted to harness the beauty of the space in the Fitters Workshop. With the vast warehouse vibe, the huge industrial windows, and beautiful duck-egg blue doors, the couple felt it was the perfect space for their ceremony.

Adding only hired chairs, the blooms and the arbour, the ceremony was an elegant, minimal affair.

‘We didn’t want to take away from that feel, and only added what we needed for the ceremony,’ Monique tells us.

With the stunning circular arbour at the centre of the workshop, and the sun streaming in through the windows, this venue is sure to inspire!

The reception was a complete contrast to the ceremony. With the cozy, boutique decor of Parlour Wine Room, the pair embraced the Autumnal feel of the venue. Adding their own personal touches with the bright florals, a dessert table, and their hand-made succulent party favours.

The reception was all about fun, celebrating with their favourite people in a beautiful space. HOORAY! favourites, The Baker Boys brought all the tunes to bring the party to life, getting guests up onto the dance floor.

‘The Parlour Wine room was the perfect venue for us, with a cozy, boutique feel, it was still laid back and relaxing,’ the pair tell us.

Scroll on to see all the images, captured by a Canberra-based photographer we love to recommend, Bel Combridge Photography.
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Photographer: Bel Combridge | Floral Styling: Barton Flower Bar | Arbour: Dream Hire Design | Chairs: A Vintage Look | Easel: Barlens Event Hire | Ceremony Venue: The Fitters Workshop | Reception Venue: Parlour Wine Room | Food + Drinks: Parlour Wine Room | Stationery: Bliss Paper Boutique + Snap Printing | Reception Entertainment: The Baker Boys | Bride’s Dress: Made With Love | Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Witchery + Forever New + Karen Millen + Anthropologie | Shoes: Midas + Kurt Geiger + Wittner + Windsor Smith | Suits: Van Heusen | Rings: Brilliant Earth | Celebrant: Marry Me Nicky | Hair: 121 Hair | Make-up: Jacqui Scott Makeup


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