Kyrie and Arlen share a love that was just meant to be. After 10 years together and a sneaky beachfront proposal, the two decided to tie the knot in one of the most and epic ways they could.

This duo both worked at a movie theatre but being in different areas meant they never met until their work Christmas Party! Flash forward through an epic decade of travelling the world and loving one another (and their adorable pup Jezebel!), Kyrie and Arlen finally said ‘I do’ in Melbourne’s Barkly Gardens.

The theme

Kyrie and Arlen wanted their big day to be a huge relaxed gathering to celebrate their love and life together. They wanted incredible food, drinks and to dance the night away—and boy did their wedding turn out to be just that!

Their venue for their reception was the famed Glasshaus Inside, a pot plant shop by day, and event venue by night.

Kyrie says, “Not being a girly-girl, I didn’t want to have one set of colours and I wanted to blend the palette in with the deep green of pot plants.”

So, they drew on a palette that blended seamlessly into their venue full of sky blues, black cherry tones, navy, grey and bright tropical green.

Party Surprises

Their guests certainly had an incredible time, with the loved-up pair hiding a few fun surprises up their sleeves!

It’s no secret to their nearest and dearest that Kyrie and Arlen are total foodies and that their favourite place in the world for eating is Spain! The couple decided on a feast of traditional Spanish tapas and huge pans of paella.

Unfortunately, the venue has a strict ‘no noise after 11 pm policy’, but instead of letting this put a dampener on their party vibes, they opted to hire a silent disco (talk about inventive!). Come 11 pm, Bluetooth headphones were handed out and the DJ tuned in, so the party could continue well into the night!

Enjoy all the images snapped by HOORAY! favourites, It’s Beautiful Here, from this fun-filled celebration below.HOORAY!-It's-Beautiful-Here-Wedding07 HOORAY!-It's-Beautiful-Here-Wedding09HOORAY!-It's-Beautiful-Here-Wedding10HOORAY!-It's-Beautiful-Here-Wedding13HOORAY!-It's-Beautiful-Here-Wedding15HOORAY!-It's-Beautiful-Here-Wedding18HOORAY!-It's-Beautiful-Here-Wedding22HOORAY!-It's-Beautiful-Here-Wedding23HOORAY!-It's-Beautiful-Here-Wedding24HOORAY!-It's-Beautiful-Here-Wedding25HOORAY!-It's-Beautiful-Here-Wedding26HOORAY!-It's-Beautiful-Here-Wedding28HOORAY!-It's-Beautiful-Here-Wedding32HOORAY!-It's-Beautiful-Here-Wedding33HOORAY!-It's-Beautiful-Here-Wedding34HOORAY!-It's-Beautiful-Here-Wedding35HOORAY!-It's-Beautiful-Here-Wedding36Glasshaus-Inside-Wedding_004 Glasshaus-Inside-Wedding_011HOORAY!-It's-Beautiful-Here-Wedding37Glasshaus-Inside-Wedding_015Glasshaus-Inside-Wedding_008HOORAY!-It's-Beautiful-Here-Wedding31HOORAY!-It's-Beautiful-Here-Wedding39HOORAY!-It's-Beautiful-Here-Wedding40HOORAY!-It's-Beautiful-Here-Wedding41HOORAY!-It's-Beautiful-Here-Wedding42HOORAY!-It's-Beautiful-Here-Wedding44HOORAY!-It's-Beautiful-Here-Wedding45HOORAY!-It's-Beautiful-Here-Wedding43HOORAY!-It's-Beautiful-Here-Wedding46HOORAY!-It's-Beautiful-Here-Wedding47HOORAY!-It's-Beautiful-Here-Wedding48HOORAY!-It's-Beautiful-Here-Wedding49HOORAY!-It's-Beautiful-Here-Wedding50HOORAY!-It's-Beautiful-Here-Wedding51


Ceremony Location: Barkly Gardens | Reception Location + Floral Styling: The Glasshaus Inside | Photographer: Its Beautiful Here | Hire Items: Celebrate Party Hire | Catering + Drinks: The Paella Pan | Cake: Caroline Kreischer | Cake Topper: My Mini Lab | Entertainment: Joseph Buchan | Wedding Gown: Michael Lo Sordo | Bridesmaids Dresses: One Fell Swoop + ASOS | Accessories: Lovisa | Shoes: ASOS | Suits: Oscar Hunt | Engagement Ring: Diamond Exchange | Wedding Rings: Diamond Exchange + William Edouard | Celebrant: Weddings By Jess | Hair: EMV Hair | Makeup: Skye Isabella Makeup |Transport: Uber Black


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