Kelly Tunney is a Canberra-based photographer that we adore for her discerning eye, timeless aesthetic and oh-so fun spirit.

A true leader in the photography industry, Kelly is well-renowned for her obvious talent for capturing candid moments in a series of jaw-dropping frames of perfect composition (…and she’s earned a huge stack of awards to prove it!).

If you’re looking for a photographer with a whole lot of heart, after following Kelly’s work for a number of years, we’d absolutely recommend her to capture your special day. HOORAY_Canberra-Wedding-Photographer_Kelly-Tunney_27HOORAY_Canberra-Wedding-Photographer_Kelly-Tunney_21 HOORAY_Canberra-Wedding-Photographer_Kelly-Tunney_45HOORAY_Canberra-Wedding-Photographer_Kelly-Tunney_26

Meet Kelly

Born and raised in Canberra, a current hotbed of fine photography in Australia. 

Kelly Tunney originally followed a traditional path, but a couple of years working as a public servant soon cured her of that. After deciding that the clarinet was not her way to fame and fortune (no, that realisation didn’t come on band camp), Kelly decided that photography was her way to be awesome, and it’s been her life ever since.

Her images embody the way she relates to the world – they’re candid, honest, fearless and warm; and they always manage to find the amazing in everyone. Kelly relishes in the agony and ecstasy of imagining and creating contrasts to play with in her images. She secretly enjoys the rush that comes with the fear of pushing boundaries as far as they can be moved.

Kelly is the 2017 ACT AIPP Wedding Photographer of the Year and also, the 2015 AIPP Australian Wedding Photographer of the Year (the first Female to ever win the prestigious award in its 40+ year history). She was also recently awarded the NZIPP International Photographer of the Year.



Mobile: 0407 232 272