You know when you meet someone, and you feel as though you just ‘click’? The team here at HOORAY! had only exchanged a few words with Michelle before we felt a connection – we just totally get each other!

In browsing through Michelle’s portfolio, we were astounded by her versatility. With captures ranging from fun, light and colourful, through to moody, artful and emotive, Michelle easily moves between moods as your day shifts from an emotion-imbued ceremony, through to a revelrous reception and party (and everything in-between!).

A photographer full of soul, Michelle takes a fun approach to telling the story of your wedding and the end result is a series of next-level stunning and timeless frames. From all of us here at HOORAY!, we’d highly recommend the lovely Michelle to photograph your big day.

Lucking Photography Lucking Photography

Meet Lucking Photography

I love light and I’m forever chasing it. If I see something epic I will generally stop my bride and groom in their tracks to get it. I lead and shoot with my heart and my eye for light, so it’s pretty laid back and casual on the day. I like to sit back and document the real moments, the fleeting ones, such as when stoic Nannas finally succumbs to the tears, to the sneaky bum pats, and more…

I spend time with my clients in the lead up to their day with emails, phone calls, wines, whiskies and more to help it run as smooth as possible. I love working with couples that are true to themselves and love it when we can team up to produce something different and meaningful to them. I am a great wing-woman and by the time the wedding comes around, clients usually feel like they have a mate their shooting the day rather than a stranger. I LOVE love!


To contact the lovely Michelle at Lucking Photography, email [email protected]