Here at HOORAY!, we just can’t get enough of the fun and vibrant images captured by Stephanie Meyer-Senior, the creative behind the lens at My Dear Watson.

We can’t help but smile when flicking through Stephanie’s portfolio – her images just beam with excitement and joy!

With her signature candid style and fun spirit, Stephanie captures wedding days in a way that perfectly portrays the couple she is shooting. The pair’s individual character shines through in each frame.

Want Stephanie from My Dear Watson to capture your love story? Reach out and say hi by calling her on 0467 585 925.HOORAY-My-Dear-Watson-Wedding-Photography35 HOORAY-My-Dear-Watson-Wedding-Photography57 HOORAY-My-Dear-Watson-Wedding-Photography34 HOORAY-My-Dear-Watson-Wedding-Photography05

Meet My Dear Watson

I’m a candid leaning photographer who originally worked based out of Miami, FL in the states before moving here to Australia for love. As a romantic myself I’m a big fan in showcasing what unique thing makes people’s heart warm and joyful. If I can create something beautiful from the every day, I’m in a happy place.

I like to get to know my couples and encourage collaboration. My goal is to capture them for who they are at this moment and not what I want them to be for a curated collection.

I’ve shot celebrities, start-up entrepreneurs, and expectant mothers alike and I think every single story is just as important as the next.

And a love story? Well, that’s the best story you’re ever going to share.


Please contact Stephanie via mobile on 0467 585 925.