Nectar and Stone create feminine, delicate sweets for birthdays, weddings, baptisms and corporate events.

The artistry is well honed and we literally gasped with delight when we first saw their dazzlingly intricate and deliciously glitzy creations!

Part Marie Antoinette regal, part glitzy fairytale and part pure imagination, each dessert reflects Nectar and Stone’s unique and distinct vision. One glimpse of a Nectar and Stone creation will have you pondering whether to eat it or place it in a climate-controlled glass case. If only you could have your cake and eat it too!HOORAY_Nectar-and-Stone_12

Meet Nectar and Stone

Donna-Caroline Khoo, or ‘Caz’ as she prefers to be known, is the dessert designer from Nectar and Stone responsible for producing some of the most divine desserts we’ve ever laid eyes on.

Describe Nectar and Stone.

“It’s a sweet baking business that caters for pretty events and occasions, with an aesthetic of femininity, elegance and style. My desserts always have a very pretty edge to them – something different, unexpected and fashionable.”

Tell us about the first dessert you ever made.

“The first dessert I made, which was the precursor that led me to create the business, was macarons. It took me five failed attempts until I was able to get them to work and after that, I was hooked.”

What’s the best flavour combination you’ve ever created?

“I couldn’t look past my strawberry donut macarons with popping candy.”

How does an idea for a dessert move from conceptualisation through to reality?

“I’m a very visual person so it always starts with colour. I then look to trends in fashion, stationery and homewares that I relate to and begin to design desserts that have these elements to them. Nectar and Stone has always been a reflection of my personal taste – it’s who I am.”


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