This photography and stationery duo never ceases to amaze us with the versatility of their talents. Covering both stationery and photography, Tropica Weddings can ensure a consistent creative aesthetic across your wedding or event; from the moment guests receive your invites, through to the photos shared to reminisce on the event.

The Photography

Taking a photojournalistic approach to photography, Tropica Weddings will be there to capture each moment as it naturally unfolds (minus the cheesy and awkward poses!).

This duo frequently gallivants around the globe to capture weddings in far-flung destinations (and it’s easy to see why!). One look through the awe-inspiring frames in their portfolio, and you’ll understand why so many couples are willing to fly them around the world.

The Stationery

Tropica Wedding’s eye for a great photograph extends to a keen eye for design. Taking inspiration from the event at hand,  the creatives behind the brand work with the clients to transform their creative vision into reality,

Whether you’re considering working with Tropica Weddings for stationery or photography (or both!), we’d absolutely recommend them in a heart beat!
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Meet Tropica Weddings

We’re Frank and Deena, a professional photographer & videographer and designer. Together, we’re Tropica Weddings – specialising in wedding photography and design.

We had a case of the Melbourne mid-winter blues and tropical wanderlust when we named the business, but don’t let it deceive you. While we love destination weddings, we can shoot weddings anywhere and find inspiration in all locations whether it’s a winery or backyard, an inner city venue or regional pub.


To contact Tropica Weddings, email [email protected]