Garden-style flower arranging is a simple, effective and easy way to display blooms. The aim is for them to look natural and handpicked, so imperfection is perfection. Using different sized jars in groupings of three is most effective.


30 minutes

Suitable for

Ages 12 +

What you’ll need

1 bunch of pink Roses | 1 bunch of pastel blue Delphiniums | 1 bunch of purple Hyacinths | 1  bunch of white Lissianthus | loose leaf greenery | 3 assorted jars | scissors | fresh water | flower food and twine to decorate


  1. Wrap twine around the middle of the jars and tie in a decorative knot or bow.
  2. Fill up three vases to a third of their capacity with water and flower food.
  3. Strip the foliage from stems and arrange bunches of three different levels in your hands to suit jar size.
  4. Cut ends of stems and place in jars.


Go nuts and get creative using different foliage from your garden, like herbs.