It’s no secret that we’re huge dried flower fans here at HOORAY!, so when we discovered a store with an online dried flower bar, it’s safe to say we were well and truly excited.

Allow us to introduce GATHER, a floral boutique based in Currumbin working with dried and preserved flowers.

Sitting on the southern end of the Gold Coast, GATHER’s physical store holds Australia’s first DIY flower bar that allows you to make your very own custom dried bouquet. Though if you aren’t in the neighbourhood, GATHER’s online flower bar has stunning dried arrangements as well as singular pieces for you to pick and choose, unleashing your inner florist.

Whether you’re looking for a stunning pre-made bridal bouquet for your big day or a beautiful bunch to brighten up your home or workspace, GATHER is the online store for you.

We caught up with Co-owner, Jan Hogg, who talked us through the dried flower revolution and GATHER’s journey into online floristry.HOORAY!_Gather_Store08Line-break

What inspired you to launch the online flower bar? 

“We love the process of gathering natures’ gifts and really enjoyed the positive response to our sensory packed bricks and mortar store. When our in-store dried flower bar in Currumbin was so well received by our local customers, we naturally wanted to translate that over to an online store experience that customers Australia-wide could enjoy too. Next thing you know, the phone was ringing for bridal flowers Australia wide. It’s nice to share the dried flower love!”HOORAY!_Gather_Store15

What inspired you to work with dried florals over fresh?

“Growing up in New Zealand, we were always gathering flowers by the seaside with our family to decorate the dinner table. We loved watching the process of blooms drying and the way natures’ remnants can decorate.

We appreciate the longevity of dried flowers over fresh—no wastage, the idea of gifting them and being able to send them all over Australia without any need to refrigerate. At the end of the day, they promote an eco-attitude and can be re-used, re-gifted and recycled.  It’s nice to think our footprint is small and we are being kind to the earth. No wastage and longevity make for a winning combination.”HOORAY!_Gather_Store18


Tell us more about preserved flowers—how is this real!? They last up to a year with no water? Surely, it’s magic.

“Preserved flowers are injected with oils to keep them looking like the moment they’ve just been picked. In order for them to look their optimum, preserved flowers need to be kept in a cool space—they don’t really dig the humidity but yes, amazing to think you can enjoy them long-term.”HOORAY!_Gather_Store29


Do dried or preserved blooms have a scent?

“Yes—they do have a slight scent but nowhere near as strong as fresh flowers. People are forever complimenting the aroma of our shop.”HOORAY!_Gather_Store13


Why are more couples opting for dried blooms over fresh?

“For a few reasons but the obvious one is, they get to enjoy them longer as opposed to just on their wedding day. Many couples choose to put their beautiful table centrepieces, which doubles as an arbour piece for the ceremony, as a feature art piece above their bed or taking centre stage in their living room.

Our people also enjoy the ease of ordering their flowers months ahead of time—if they so choose, so it’s one less thing to think about in the often-hectic lead up to the big day.

Additionally, many newlyweds like the idea of gifting them to their bridal party so they can all enjoy them well after the big day has passed.“HOORAY!_Gather_Store21


Where do you source your florals from?

We work with suppliers from all over Australia. They are all flower fanatics like us and are always striving to produce the very best product they can in accordance with the natural seasons throughout the year.”HOORAY!_Gather_Store12


How does the process work? How do you ensure a bride’s bouquet survives transport and arrives beautiful and ready to go?

“Once the bouquets are created to perfection with love, we pack them securely into a sturdy box to ensure the flowers do not move in transport and then they arrive at their destination. It’s as simple as that! Our brides are very happy.”HOORAY!_Gather_Store16


Sustainability appears to be a big part of GATHER. How have you incorporated it or shaped your business around it?

“Sustainability has always been a part of the GATHER ethos because it’s always been part of our personal ethos. We can’t help but translate our hearts through our store and our flowers and think it’s a great platform to make a difference.

We always try to ensure our packaging is compostable including the flower wrap. We maintain a wabi-sabi approach to our floristry as most of our Australian flowers are grown in-ground, out in the open with little intervention until they are harvested which sometimes produces variations and occasionally slight imperfections. Perfect imperfectness!”HOORAY!_Gather_Store03


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