This submerged arrangement is a fabulous way to bring a classic and clean mood to your event space. The trend of displaying flowers and plants inside glassware is on the rise. This style of arranging flowers gives an essence of clarity and adds interest.


30 Minutes

Suitable for

Ages 12 and up

What you’ll need

5 white Singapore Orchids, Spear Grass, scissors, medium-sized fish bowl, fresh water, flower food, stones.


  1. Place stones in bottom of fish bowl.
  2. Fill fish bowl with water and flower food (approximately ¾ full).
  3. Trim, curve and submerge spear grass around inside of bowl.
  4. Repeat and finish the process using Singapore orchids, ensuring they are evenly placed.


  • Orchids are a tropical flower and last incredibly well under water.
  • Try floating flower heads as well as candles in the water.