The folks at Ashdown & Bee show you how to host a Lollapalooza inspired party. Perfect for the warmer months, take this style outdoors as a backyard dinner party. Set a relaxed vibe with plenty of warm glowing candles, free-flowing wine and Bob Marley tunes.


2 hours

Suitable for

All ages

What you’ll need

5 x 1.5m long wooden sticks | 1m twin | lace or white fabric for draping (a table cloth will do) | cushions and blankets | silver cutlery | crystal glasses | a variety of different sized white candles | freshly picked daisies (heads only) | a selection of cheese | crackers | dips | cured meats and wine


  1. Build a teepee using wooden sticks, secure at the top with twine and drape in lace. Then create a little haven for your guests to hang out using throws and cushions.
  2. Simplicity with the colour palette is key to achieving this look. Stick to neutrals of white, cream and beige, incorporate texture to add interest.
  3. For a touch of elegance, add ornate silver cutlery and accessories.
  4. Fill the space with various-sized candles to create atmosphere and melt them down before your guests arrive so they don’t look brand new.
  5. Scatter freshly picked daisies around the space to enhance the bohemian vibe.
  6. Serve your guests a decadent array of cheese, cured meats, dips, bread, and wine in crystal glasses.

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