Kara and Bart met at a pub in Cairns. A few weeks after their initial meeting, Kara moved to Brisbane. They stayed in touch, and, 18 months later, Kara moved back up to north Queensland. Still, they lived four hours away from one another so each weekend one of them would make the drive to visit the other, until one weekend they took a trip to Broome and as the sun set over the Indian Ocean, Bart proposed to Kara.

‘We wanted a long table on the beach from the outset, but it seemed near impossible to achieve. However, after showing Eco Beach Resort my inspiration, they were sold on the idea.’

‘While decorations were minimal, we did want to create a special feel for the reception area.For the table setting, I collected blue and green vintage bottles that were used as vases. The placemats were a neutral ‘beachy’ addition, and I spray painted fish and other marine animals gold to use as place settings.’

‘We used lots of candlelight and set up stands to string fairy lights across the table’, said Kara.

This dreamy wedding, set amongst picturesque Broome, will have you either booking a holiday or organising your own wedding in the sand, under fairy lights and stars.
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Photographer Lakshal Perera | Ceremony Venue Eco Beach Resort | Celebrant: Be a Mead | Reception Venue: Eco Beach Resort | Catering + Drinks: Eco Beach Resort | Wedding Cake: Blue Cow Cheese; Cheese Tower, Lady Pea; handmade chocolates | Florist: Broome Florist | Hair: Jenna Stewart | Make-up: Effloresce Makeup by Marika | Bridal Gown: Carla Zampatti | Jewellery: Samantha Wills | Suits: Myer and Zara | Engagement Ring: Linneys | Wedding Bands: Etsy – Jewelry by Johan (Bart’s) and Fidges Castaways (Kara’s)