Despite what most people think, making a floral garland actually isn’t that difficult. The trick is choosing the right kind of florals and greenery! Kiana from Tulipina shows us how…


1-1.5 hours


Ages 12+


floral shears | florists’ wire | wire cutters | twine | strong foliage like Goanna Claw | Peonies | Ranunculus | Garden Roses | Cilantro blooms


  1. Using your florists wire, measure the length of your garland to be based on where you’ll hang it. Remember to allow enough on each side for tying and fastening. Once you’ve figured out how long you want your garland to be, use your wire cutters to cut the wire.
  2. Prepare your fresh flowers by stripping them of any stray leaves using your shears and cutting them on an angle, approximately 1 inch from the bottom of the stem.
  3. Now place your blooms in fresh, room temperature water while you start constructing your garland, this will ensure they don’t wilt.
  4. Begin fastening your greenery to your wire base. Let each piece overlap the next to add bulk. Secure the greenery to your base using twine and continue to overlap until you cover the entire length of your base.
  5. Using your florists wire and your sturdy pre-prepared flowers, begin wiring each individual bloom by piercing the base of each flower at the stem.
  6. Once you have a good amount of pre-wired stems, begin adding them to your garland by wiring them to your base. The fuller the garland, the better it will look. Aim to fill in any gaps and make sure everything is pointing in the same general direction.
  7. Once you’re satisfied with your garland, secure each end so nothing slips off by twisting and looping your wire. Creating a loop will also give you something to secure it to when hung.


Hang your garland up and be sure to spray it with light mists of water regularly to help your blooms and foliage stay fresh.


You don’t need to use Goanna Claw for the base of the garland. Any type of hardy free foliage would work, especially eucalyptus! Also, be mindful when choosing flowers – you want them to be beautiful but to also relatively hard and flexible to work with.

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