Amelia from The Flower Era is obsessed with flowers, and that’s exactly why she became a florist!

Tell us a little about yourself My name is Amelia; I am definitely flower mad. I am always seeking beauty in nature’s goodness and I am grateful that I can do it everyday with flowers. Flowers make me laugh and cry and feel a little bit ill at their endless beauty and ever changing forms. I love my job and I love sharing it with others.

What does a typical day at work look like for you? Early start at 3.45am and it’s off to the Flower Market. I plan my day as I wait in the car for the “attention at the markets” opening announcement over the loud speaker. Then it’s a quick hustle to find what I need for a wedding, event or workshop. It’s often planned but sometimes purely chosen by impulse when I see a certain flower, or colour and then it all stems (!) from there! It’s the best bit of my day! Once the car is packed full, the drive to my studio is interrupted only by sweet heady scents wafting around the car and a stop at the only decent café open at 6am! I am working away by the time my warehouse buddies turn up to their studios and we will probably break for a tea and catch up  *procrastinate* around someone’s work bench for a bit and then it’s make, email, post, reply, call, make, email, post, reply….

What is your approach to floristry? My approach in terms of my practice is an emphasis on natural forms, seasonal flowers and intuitive creativity. I like to show off flowers as close to their natural form as possible and showcase them in their individual way. I steer away from typical floristry teachings and I really believe that flowers shouldn’t be contrived or constricted. I like to offer the chance of flower love to everyone so teaching is hugely important to me and I hold workshops for the public in my studio on regular basis. I am obsessed with old-worldly vintage pieces and I use them in every design where possible, placing almost the same importance on the vessel as the flowers themselves.

What should people expect before meeting with you? I hope couples are excited to meet me and talk over their flower dreams, it is so important to me to create a relationship with my client of openness and trust. I like to find out some lovely personal touches to include, which most of the time will be attached to an old memory of a loved one’s garden or a special moment in their lives. We’re so excited to visit Amelia at her studio this Saturday for a StyleSesh DIY favour workshop with StylePartyLove! She’s also holding her own Christmas wreath making workshop in Sydney on December 5. To nab a spot to either of these StyleSesh workshops, click here. And to find out more about Amelia and The Flower Era, visit her website here.

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