Ever been to a birthday when a drunken guest offended everybody? Or an uninvited guest offended everyone with just their presence? We’re pretty sure we all have. It’s certainly something we’d care to avoid for our own birthdays, especially when we’re hosting them ourselves! That’s why we’ve decided to be the guiding light for your next birthday, and for all those ahead, to help you avoid these unwanted…situations. Read our tips below and rest assured you’ll never have another awkward or catastrophic moment on your special day.Blog_AHappyHost_20140916_01.jpg Image by Vivid Photography

The Cake

Unless you’re Martha Stewart or you’re unbelievably organised, don’t make your own cake. It may seem super kitsch to bake your own creation for your guests, but the drama may not be worth it. Not only will it add to your prep time, it will increase the chance of a catastrophe. If you’re going to go for it, we suggest sacrificing freshness and starting a day earlier.Blog_AHappyHost_20140916_04.jpg Image by When Elephant Met Zebra

The Food

Check your guest’s dietary needs. These days any regular Sally or Timmy can have food preferences from vegetarian to just plain made up. In any case, nobody wants to see a full plate of food in front of their guests after a meal, so a quick check to confirm their needs easily avoids this awkwardness.Blog_AHappyHost_20140916_02.jpg Image by John Benavente

The Intoxicated Friend

We’ve all had that party where one guest is just too intoxicated–heck sometimes it’s been us. While it may be amusing at times, it gets old when they lose their basic motor functions. Don’t be afraid to call them a cab, just be mindful that they might need some convincing.Blog_AHappyHost_20140916_05.jpg Image by Kristina Childs

The Unwelcome Guest

The worst kind of guest is an unwelcome one. It could be your best friend’s ex showing up as a plus one, or the girl who started that rumour about you in 12th grade. Either way you don’t need this rain on your parade, so avoid it by asking all extra guests be confirmed with you first.© Perth Photobooth Hire 2014 Image by Perth Photobooth Hire

Have Fun

Last of all, have fun! A super busy host is a faux pas in itself.Blog_AHappyHost_20140916_03.jpg Image by When Elephant Met Zebra