On the hunt for some super-sweet party inspiration? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Lilly’s mum is Emily of Hey Sugar Styling, so when we heard that she was throwing Lilly a party, we knew this would be a birthday bash to remember!

Emily shares, “Lilly is girly, fun, bubbly and opinionated. She knew what she wanted at her party!”

And what did she want? All things sweet, of course!

The Celebration

Emily tells us Lilly has adopted the name ‘Lilly Lolly’ at school, so naturally, a ‘Lilly’s LollyShop’ party was the perfect theme for her seventh birthday celebration. From there, fun was the name of the game for this duo. Emily and Lilly planned food and activities to fill the celebration with joy.

They arranged a craft table so that each guest could leave with a fun lolly shop creation of their own to remember the day. Plus, a fabulous game of toilet paper project runway made for laughs and memories no one will soon forget!

The Styling

Emily and Lilly took the bright colours and fun shapes of a lolly shop as inspiration and let their imagination run wild from there. The duo chose some favourite lolly shapes (bananas, hearts, round) and used these across the entire event—from the invitations to the cupcakes and decor.

Getting creative with colour was the key to success for this party theme. The party hosts chose a colour palette of pinks, yellow, purple and peach,  using these in a range of tones.

Emily even went as far as to design Lilly a heart-shaped logo to run with the theme (talk about attention to detail!).

As any frequent reader of HOORAY! will know, we can never go past some beautiful blooms—and the florals at this party were no exception.

Emily says, “ I love nothing more than going down to the local flower market and just picking a selection of colours. Peonies always fill up so much space with their big and bright blooms.”

“I’m lucky that poppies are always in season around my daughter’s birthday and I love the surprise of seeing what colour they’re going to open into. No one needs to be a florist to pop a few stems in bottles or jars.”

Keep scrolling to check out all the fabulous photos of the day!

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Photographer: The Current Heart Project | Event + Floral Styling + Planning: Hey Sugar Styling  | Cake: Hey Sugar Styling