On Friday night, in true HOORAY! style, we held our first annual HOORAY! Halloween Party. Guests dressed in their spookiest get-ups for a night of drinking, dancing and monster mashing, all to raise money for an organisation close to our hearts – The Brain Foundation.

The back courtyard of the HOORAY! studio was transformed into a spooky cavern full of carved pumpkins, skulls, candles and spider webs as far as the eye can see! We also created some of the most gruesome (and yet delicious) punch concoctions, to cast one big party spell over our unsuspecting guests. There were vampires and ghosts, zombies and killer clowns, a possessed girl, a nun, a horse, a special appearance by Conchita Wurst and even a Monk DJ. And while we partied well into the night, most of us had to ensure we got home before morning to avoid a horrific death by sunlight.

We were super impressed with everyone’s efforts and want to thank each and every one of our guests who showed up, dressed up and donated some money for a worthy cause. Check out our spooky soiree below xRC_Halloween_HoorayHalloweenParty_01.jpg RC_Halloween_HoorayHalloweenParty_06.jpg RC_Halloween_HoorayHalloweenParty_05.jpg RC_Halloween_HoorayHalloweenParty_04.jpg RC_Halloween_HoorayHalloweenParty_03.jpg RC_Halloween_HoorayHalloweenParty_02.jpgRC_Halloween_HoorayHalloweenParty_07.jpg RC_Halloween_HoorayHalloweenParty_12.jpg RC_Halloween_HoorayHalloweenParty_11.jpg RC_Halloween_HoorayHalloweenParty_10.jpg RC_Halloween_HoorayHalloweenParty_09.jpg RC_Halloween_HoorayHalloweenParty_08.jpgRC_Halloween_HoorayHalloweenParty_13.jpg RC_Halloween_HoorayHalloweenParty_30.jpg RC_Halloween_HoorayHalloweenParty_29.jpg RC_Halloween_HoorayHalloweenParty_28.jpg RC_Halloween_HoorayHalloweenParty_27.jpg RC_Halloween_HoorayHalloweenParty_26.jpg RC_Halloween_HoorayHalloweenParty_25.jpg RC_Halloween_HoorayHalloweenParty_24.jpg RC_Halloween_HoorayHalloweenParty_23.jpg RC_Halloween_HoorayHalloweenParty_22.jpg RC_Halloween_HoorayHalloweenParty_21.jpg RC_Halloween_HoorayHalloweenParty_20.jpg RC_Halloween_HoorayHalloweenParty_19.jpg RC_Halloween_HoorayHalloweenParty_18.jpg RC_Halloween_HoorayHalloweenParty_17.jpg RC_Halloween_HoorayHalloweenParty_16.jpg RC_Halloween_HoorayHalloweenParty_15.jpg RC_Halloween_HoorayHalloweenParty_14.jpg

Photography Bel Combridge Photography | Styling HOORAY! | HOORAY! Team’s Makeup Mariela Rojas (sugar skull), Michelle Selwood (vampire), Kaarin Helmers (possessed girl)