Sue’s Alice in Wonderland-inspired 60th birthday party was a whimsical affair, hosted within the lavish grounds of Como House. ‘I picked the theme because I wanted to do something fun, have loads of entertainment for my guests and create my own little wonderland,’ said Sue.

‘I wanted it to be an experience –from the moment guests walked up the winding pathway (where they were greeted by Tweedledum and Tweedledee) to walking through the amazing hedge wall and finding their seats, right through to seeing the floating hand installation and the miniature menu which required a magnifying glass to read. Everyone was blown away.’

Like her guests, we were blown away when we first laid eyes on Sue’s 60th birthday and we know you will be too.

Take a look below xRC-Birthday-Sues60th-01.jpg RC-Birthday-Sues60th-06.jpg RC-Birthday-Sues60th-05.jpg RC-Birthday-Sues60th-04.jpg RC-Birthday-Sues60th-03.jpg RC-Birthday-Sues60th-02.jpg RC-Birthday-Sues60th-13.jpg RC-Birthday-Sues60th-12.jpg RC-Birthday-Sues60th-11.jpg RC-Birthday-Sues60th-10.jpg RC-Birthday-Sues60th-09.jpg RC-Birthday-Sues60th-08.jpg RC-Birthday-Sues60th-07.jpgRC-Birthday-Sues60th-14.jpg RC-Birthday-Sues60th-24.jpg RC-Birthday-Sues60th-23.jpg RC-Birthday-Sues60th-22.jpg RC-Birthday-Sues60th-21.jpg RC-Birthday-Sues60th-20.jpg RC-Birthday-Sues60th-19.jpg RC-Birthday-Sues60th-18.jpg RC-Birthday-Sues60th-17.jpg RC-Birthday-Sues60th-16.jpg RC-Birthday-Sues60th-15.jpgRC-Birthday-Sues60th-25.jpg RC-Birthday-Sues60th-30.jpg RC-Birthday-Sues60th-29.jpg RC-Birthday-Sues60th-28.jpg RC-Birthday-Sues60th-27.jpg RC-Birthday-Sues60th-26.jpg

Photography Hikari Photography | Videography PurpleMonky | Event Planning + Design The Style Co. | Floral Styling The Style Co. | Marquee Dann Event Hire | Event Venue Como House | Catering + Drinks Tommy Collins Catering | Stationery The Style Co. | Entertainment The White Tree Band + roving talent from Solution Entertainment | Cake Splendid Servings for The Style Co.


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