Beijos Events babe Jacquelyn is having a baby boy, so the other Beijos ladies threw her one heck of a baby shower to celebrate!

‘Probably the most fun party to throw is one for your best friend, especially when it’s her first baby and you can make it as special as you know she would love!’ said the Beijos babes.

‘We knew she was going to have a couple of showers with friends and family so it was uber fun to make her So Cal (Southern California) shower one where we could play with the organic surroundings, as well as integrate the colour theme of her nursery plans.’

When styling the baby shower, the girls utilised everything fabulous that So Cal has to offer, especially the beautiful landscapes where the desert meets the coast. They combined vintage indigo linen fabrics, leather textures and rustic barn wood details, and used the flowers of the land with cactus to create an amazing contrast with the delicate white and brassy tablescape.

It was the perfect way to celebrate the impending arrival of the little boy they all can’t wait to meet!RC-Shower-JacquelynsBabyShower-01.jpg RC-Shower-JacquelynsBabyShower-09.jpg RC-Shower-JacquelynsBabyShower-08.jpg RC-Shower-JacquelynsBabyShower-07.jpg RC-Shower-JacquelynsBabyShower-06.jpg RC-Shower-JacquelynsBabyShower-05.jpg RC-Shower-JacquelynsBabyShower-04.jpg RC-Shower-JacquelynsBabyShower-03.jpg RC-Shower-JacquelynsBabyShower-02.jpgRC-Shower-JacquelynsBabyShower-10.jpg RC-Shower-JacquelynsBabyShower-21.jpg RC-Shower-JacquelynsBabyShower-20.jpg RC-Shower-JacquelynsBabyShower-19.jpg RC-Shower-JacquelynsBabyShower-18.jpg RC-Shower-JacquelynsBabyShower-17.jpg RC-Shower-JacquelynsBabyShower-16.jpg RC-Shower-JacquelynsBabyShower-15.jpg RC-Shower-JacquelynsBabyShower-14.jpg RC-Shower-JacquelynsBabyShower-13.jpg RC-Shower-JacquelynsBabyShower-12.jpg RC-Shower-JacquelynsBabyShower-11.jpgRC-Shower-JacquelynsBabyShower-22.jpg RC-Shower-JacquelynsBabyShower-33.jpg RC-Shower-JacquelynsBabyShower-32.jpg RC-Shower-JacquelynsBabyShower-31.jpg RC-Shower-JacquelynsBabyShower-30.jpg RC-Shower-JacquelynsBabyShower-29.jpg RC-Shower-JacquelynsBabyShower-28.jpg RC-Shower-JacquelynsBabyShower-27.jpg RC-Shower-JacquelynsBabyShower-26.jpg RC-Shower-JacquelynsBabyShower-25.jpg RC-Shower-JacquelynsBabyShower-24.jpg RC-Shower-JacquelynsBabyShower-23.jpg

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