For many people, getting in front of the camera for their wedding isn’t the easiest thing in the world, especially if they’re not used to having their photo taken. If you’re one of these people don’t fret! We’ve spoken to the pros and put together a list of tips that’ll take you from a deer in headlights to Elle Macpherson.Willow__Co_Hooray_03.jpg Photography Willow & Co.

1. Trust your photographer

This is an imperative tip for taking good photos. You’ve spent a lot of time deciding who will shoot one of the most important days of your life, right? Trust their judgement, they definitely know what they are doing. ‘Don’t be worried that a certain pose or background will look silly or strange. As photographers, we like getting creative and trying new things at every wedding or shoot,’ says Grace, photographer at Willow & Co. ‘Trust your photographer’s direction and vision because the best photos are the result of an enthusiastic collaboration.’ Grace also suggests doing an engagement shoot with your wedding photographer. ‘Not only do you get beautiful photos out of it, but it will give you the chance to gel with your photographer and get comfortable having your photo taken before the big day.’Willow__Co_Hooray_06.jpg Photography Willow & Co.

2. Work with the light

Lighting is one of the most important elements of a good photo. Photographer Ben Yew says that the best light is next to the window, under the shade, or outside on a cloudy day. ‘Try to avoid direct, hard lights to reduce raccoon eyes or squinting eyes,’ advises Ben. Willow & Co also suggests scheduling the ceremony and location photos for when the light will be beautiful and soft. ‘This is usually the last hour or two before sunset,’ says Grace. ‘If logistics dictate that the ceremony be held in late afternoon, choose somewhere in open shade, where the light is even.’Blog_Meeta_BenYew_09.jpg Photography Ben Yew

3. Be natural

Photographer Jessica of Brown Paper Parcel says that the best way to look good in photos is to let your natural happiness shine through. ‘I always find the couples that go with the flow and just let themselves soak up the atmosphere of the day naturally photograph the best. Honest emotion always looks beautiful on every face,’ says Jessica. Photographers Mark & Kara feel that the goal to a great, natural photo is being in a positive frame of mind. ‘Don’t focus on being photographed and we’ll get the best natural results,’ says Kara. ‘We take thousands of photographs throughout the day and we’ll take the best photos of you when you least expect it.’RC_Wed_Vanya+Steve_31 Photography Brown Paper Parcel

4. Relax!

Above all else, relax! ‘Don’t stress about the small things, everyone else around you is there to help focus on your day. Have a good time with your loved ones and it will be reflected in the pictures,’ says Kara of Mark & Kara. But if you do feel a little stressed or anxious, remember to breath! ‘Take a couple of slow deep breaths. It will make a world of difference to your mindset and your photos.’

Ben Yew recommends having a little conversation with your partner, bringing up some awesome memories or sharing a really funny joke to get comfortable. He also advocates a little music on location! ‘It may help you bring back some memories and it gets you in the mood to have some fun,’ says Ben. Wearing clothing and/or shoes that you can move in will also help you to relax while in front of the camera. ‘We recommend that our brides switch out of their heels and into a pair of comfy flats when we head to more rugged locations for photos,’ says Grace of Willow & Co.

But here at HOORAY! HQ we think a sneaky champagne might be exactly what you need to help you relax and get camera ready!RC_Wed_Vanya+Steve_50 Photography Brown Paper Parcel