Amanda isn’t really a girly girl, so when it came to throwing a baby shower for her bub to be, she wanted to steer clear of anything conventional.

‘It didn’t appeal to me to have a traditional baby shower with games and lots of women. I see parenting as a 50/50 job shared with my husband, so I wanted our baby celebration to be shared also!’ Amanda said.

So, Amanda and her husband Caleb gathered their nearest and dearest (men and kids included) and threw a fabulous Mexican fiesta in Amanda’s parent’s backyard.

‘Our goal of the day was for it to be a super relaxed party with no formalities, just good food and friends, oh and a pregnant piñata,’ Amanda told us.

On the scrumptious Mexican inspired menu was ‘Day of the Dead’ pops, homemade pulled pork Nachos, Mexican beer and watermelon margaritas.

To decorate the space, Amanda kept things super simple, using only Mexican flags she had made herself, old coke bottles and freshly cut roses from her friend’s garden.

The end result was an intimate event enjoyed by all of the guys, gals and kids who attended.

We love the idea of throwing the notion of a ‘women only’ baby shower out the window, and we’re sure you will too when you check out this fab fiesta below!RC-Showers-ABabyFiesta-01.jpg RC-Showers-ABabyFiesta-10.jpg RC-Showers-ABabyFiesta-09.jpg RC-Showers-ABabyFiesta-08.jpg RC-Showers-ABabyFiesta-07.jpg RC-Showers-ABabyFiesta-06.jpg RC-Showers-ABabyFiesta-05.jpg RC-Showers-ABabyFiesta-04.jpg RC-Showers-ABabyFiesta-03.jpg RC-Showers-ABabyFiesta-02.jpgRC-Showers-ABabyFiesta-11.jpg RC-Showers-ABabyFiesta-22.jpg RC-Showers-ABabyFiesta-21.jpg RC-Showers-ABabyFiesta-20.jpg RC-Showers-ABabyFiesta-19.jpg RC-Showers-ABabyFiesta-18.jpg RC-Showers-ABabyFiesta-17.jpg RC-Showers-ABabyFiesta-16.jpg RC-Showers-ABabyFiesta-15.jpg RC-Showers-ABabyFiesta-14.jpg RC-Showers-ABabyFiesta-13.jpg RC-Showers-ABabyFiesta-12.jpgRC-Showers-ABabyFiesta-23.jpg RC-Showers-ABabyFiesta-40.jpg RC-Showers-ABabyFiesta-39.jpg RC-Showers-ABabyFiesta-38.jpg RC-Showers-ABabyFiesta-37.jpg RC-Showers-ABabyFiesta-36.jpg RC-Showers-ABabyFiesta-35.jpg RC-Showers-ABabyFiesta-34.jpg RC-Showers-ABabyFiesta-33.jpg RC-Showers-ABabyFiesta-32.jpg RC-Showers-ABabyFiesta-31.jpg RC-Showers-ABabyFiesta-30.jpg RC-Showers-ABabyFiesta-29.jpg RC-Showers-ABabyFiesta-28.jpg RC-Showers-ABabyFiesta-27.jpg RC-Showers-ABabyFiesta-26.jpg RC-Showers-ABabyFiesta-25.jpg RC-Showers-ABabyFiesta-24.jpg

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