Carly’s beautiful bridal shower was a complete surprise. She left the planning of the event in the very capable hands of her mum and bridesmaids, one of whom is the founder of event styling business, The Palace & Co. The only instruction Carly gave was that she wanted a unique and fun afternoon with lots of colour, and her parents’ stunning, rustic barn as the backdrop.

After consulting with Carly and her mum, Olivia, one of Carly’s bridesmaids and founder of The Palace & Co, decided to create a kitsch theme that incorporated Carly’s love of colour, fresh blooms and feminine style.

‘To create a kitsch feel, we threw in loads of plastic flowers together with gorgeous fresh blooms, vintage cake toppers and a dramatic chandelier, neon signs and playing cards,’ said Olivia.

‘We had Carly’s mum order in a few extra hay bales as seats and clear the barn benches to make way for the food and drinks. We also brought in kitchen tea tablecloths, rustic wooden trays, coloured Moroccan tea glasses for a candlelit feel and a giant fake floral horseshoe as the crowning glory!’

‘My favourite moment was when my mum surprised me with a gift from my grandmother who had passed away,’ said Carly. ‘She had put aside a beautiful white lace handkerchief for me, which I used on my wedding day. It was lovely to have something from someone who meant so much to me.’RC-BridalShower-CarlysKitchenTea-01.jpg RC-BridalShower-CarlysKitchenTea-06.jpg RC-BridalShower-CarlysKitchenTea-05.jpg RC-BridalShower-CarlysKitchenTea-04.jpg RC-BridalShower-CarlysKitchenTea-03.jpg RC-BridalShower-CarlysKitchenTea-02.jpg RC-BridalShower-CarlysKitchenTea-12.jpg RC-BridalShower-CarlysKitchenTea-11.jpg RC-BridalShower-CarlysKitchenTea-10.jpg RC-BridalShower-CarlysKitchenTea-09.jpg RC-BridalShower-CarlysKitchenTea-08.jpg RC-BridalShower-CarlysKitchenTea-07.jpgRC-BridalShower-CarlysKitchenTea-13.jpg RC-BridalShower-CarlysKitchenTea-24.jpg RC-BridalShower-CarlysKitchenTea-23.jpg RC-BridalShower-CarlysKitchenTea-22.jpg RC-BridalShower-CarlysKitchenTea-21.jpg RC-BridalShower-CarlysKitchenTea-20.jpg RC-BridalShower-CarlysKitchenTea-19.jpg RC-BridalShower-CarlysKitchenTea-18.jpg RC-BridalShower-CarlysKitchenTea-17.jpg RC-BridalShower-CarlysKitchenTea-16.jpg RC-BridalShower-CarlysKitchenTea-15.jpg RC-BridalShower-CarlysKitchenTea-14.jpgRC-BridalShower-CarlysKitchenTea-25.jpg RC-BridalShower-CarlysKitchenTea-42.jpg RC-BridalShower-CarlysKitchenTea-41.jpg RC-BridalShower-CarlysKitchenTea-40.jpg RC-BridalShower-CarlysKitchenTea-39.jpg RC-BridalShower-CarlysKitchenTea-38.jpg RC-BridalShower-CarlysKitchenTea-37.jpg RC-BridalShower-CarlysKitchenTea-36.jpg RC-BridalShower-CarlysKitchenTea-35.jpg RC-BridalShower-CarlysKitchenTea-34.jpg RC-BridalShower-CarlysKitchenTea-33.jpg RC-BridalShower-CarlysKitchenTea-32.jpg RC-BridalShower-CarlysKitchenTea-31.jpg RC-BridalShower-CarlysKitchenTea-30.jpg RC-BridalShower-CarlysKitchenTea-29.jpg RC-BridalShower-CarlysKitchenTea-28.jpg RC-BridalShower-CarlysKitchenTea-27.jpg RC-BridalShower-CarlysKitchenTea-26.jpg

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