Shonel is the Creative Director of styling business, Nomad Styling. She also put together the romantic bohemian-inspired Style Guide in Issue 9 of HOORAY! We sat down with Shonel to find out more about her amazing work: Blog_Meeta_NomadStyling_01 Photography Brown Paper Parcel as seen in HOORAY! Issue 9

Tell us a little about yourself I am a Nomad, which is where the name came from. I’ve always been hunting around on weekends at markets, vintage stores and demolition yards. And my guilty pleasure is hard rubbish night! Blog_Meeta_NomadStyling_11 Photography Enchanted Wedding Photography

How did you get into styling? I have always had an eye for detail, which led me into visual merchandising, while styling friends’ weddings and birthdays on the weekends. Finally I decided that I needed to submerge myself in styling events full time and from there Nomad Styling was born. Blog_Meeta_NomadStyling_02 Photography Enchanted Wedding Photography

Describe your aesthetic It’s very organic and naturally put together. Generally I don’t like putting things perfectly in place, I like flow and styling things loosely rather than very structured. I have a bohemian edge that has become my signature, but a lot of my work isn’t bohemian at all. Blog_Meeta_NomadStyling_03 Photography Enchanted Wedding Photography

Talk us through a typical day at work: Well there is always emails coming through that’s for sure, but otherwise, working on design briefs for our amazing couples and lots of sourcing (it’s so difficult finding that perfect piece you’ve been dreaming about for weeks). Being a perfectionist makes sourcing the hardest part. There’s also lots of site visits and, of course, updating our social media to keep people constantly inspired. We understand not everyone can afford a stylist, but we still aim to give them lovely ideas to incorporate into their day, however they can. Blog_Meeta_NomadStyling_04 Photography Enchanted Wedding Photography

What’s the coolest project you’ve worked on? Apart from the Style Guide I did for your last issue, I would actually say a wine bar shop fit. It’s not what I normally do, so was very challenging, but also very rewarding. I always like pushing myself and not allowing myself to get too comfortable. Blog_Meeta_NomadStyling_05 Left: Photography Enchanted Wedding Photography | Right: Photography Brown Paper Parcel as seen in HOORAY! Issue 9

What do you love most about your job? There are so many things. Seeing the couples’ faces when they see the space we’ve created is simply magic. I love finding that perfect piece after so much hunting for it, I love coming up with the design concepts! Ah, I just love my job! It’s a great feeling. Blog_Meeta_NomadStyling_07 Photography Enchanted Wedding Photography

I am happiest when… I’m spending time with my beautiful family. They truly mean the world. My husband works away a lot, so when he’s home we really appreciate the time we have together with the kids. Blog_Meeta_NomadStyling_09 Photography Enchanted Wedding Photography

To find out more about Nomad Styling, visit their website here. To see her bohemian-inspired Style Guide purchase a copy of HOORAY! Issue 9 online here, or find your nearest stockist here. Blog_Meeta_NomadStyling_08 Photography Enchanted Wedding Photography