Planning an event this autumn? Don’t think you have to pair back your blooms just because the weather is getting colder. In fact, Jardine Hansen of thinks that there is no better time to incorporate fresh florals into your styling. 

‘Autumn is a pretty thrilling time in flower world,’ says Jardine. ‘Deciduous foliages are getting interesting and rich as they take on more red and golden hues and flowers are putting on their last bountiful effort before the more restrained days of winter. I feel like autumn calls for sophisticated palettes of ivory, gold, peach with touches of raisin and plum.’

Dahlias are available in white through to peach, pinks, apricots, gold, plum and deep red. They hybridise readily meaning we have more wonderful specimens available every year.

Hydrangeas are so striking in autumn with interesting reds, greens and mottled antique tones in the florets.

Garden roses, such as David Austins, are a beautiful blowsy foil for the interesting textures available at this time of year. They come in a rich array of colours and smell intoxicating, as all roses should (but sadly don’t).

Water lilies are a luxurious flower with beautiful clean lines. They are available in white, lemon, pinks, blues and purple. They have a rich scent and open and close over the day Cosmos are a light airy flower coming in white, pinks and magenta, they are such a graceful little flower.

Tulips are a delight too with a life of their own they grow towards the light in the vase.

Deciduous foliages which are lovely at this time are grape vine, liquidambar, Japanese maple and wild hops The last of the fruiting branches such as fig, apples, persimmon are gorgeous too!

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