When it comes to proposing, Mr Baxter are the people to see. Combining jewellery and eventing expertise, Kate and Bree, the ladies behind Mr Baxter, offer to take care of the entire proposal process! Kate, being a gemologist, diamond creator and jewellery designer is your one stop shop for engagement rings, while event planner Bree will help you craft the perfect proposal. We sat down with these ladies to find out more about Mr Baxter: Blog_Meeta_MrBaxtor_04

What’s your role at Mr. Baxter?  I have two roles at Mr. Baxter. Firstly I am a diamond grader, gemologist and jewellery designer so I inform gents on how to buy diamonds and gemstones well and help them avoid pitfalls to get great value for money. And secondly I help them design a beautiful ring that their bride-to-be is going cherish for the rest of her life! diamond held by tweezers close up. What makes Mr. Baxter rings different to everything else on the market? First and foremost it’s the thought that counts. Buying a ring off the shelf is easy and convenient, but for such a memorable life moment, a Mr. Baxter ring gives the groom the opportunity to show his romantic side. It’s not about a brand or a price tag, it’s about exclusivity, meaning and significance. A Mr. Baxter ring is a bespoke design, completely unique to the client and their relationship. At Mr. Baxter, we take the time to learn about their partner and what their style is, adding significance and personal touches to designs that you can’t get anywhere else. I then take them through to the next stage, the creation of the design. Every ring I create is handmade by master jewellers and setters in Australia, so the quality is of upmost importance. The process is documented and relayed to the client so they get to see the process along the way, which is always exciting. A Mr. Baxter ring is not just a ring, it’s and experience, an expert service with access to the best stones in the world at the right price. For the bride, knowing that her man went to every effort to create something special for her to show how much he loves her is the ultimate. Blog_Meeta_MrBaxtor_06 What’s the number 1 thing people should think about when choosing an engagement ring? Style. Style is an individual’s choice while fashion is something a brand offers. An engagement ring is worn every day for the rest of your life. It becomes a part of you and reminds you of the love of your life every time its sparkle catches your eye. Blog_Meeta_MrBaxtor_10 What do you love most about your job? There is so much to love about what I do.  I love meeting new people and sharing my knowledge and passion for what I do. I love the challenge of buying diamonds well. It’s an art. I love looking at the stones, comparing the certificates. I get such a thrill out of hunting down the perfect stone at the right price. I love learning about the clients story and the creative journey of making something special for them. I absolutely love the moment where I hand over the ring. That is so fun! It’s a really beautiful thing to see people in love at the cusp of commitment. Blog_Meeta_MrBaxtor_03 BREE

Tell us a bit about yourself: I guess that is dependent on what mood I’m in. Today I’m feeling excited as we have two really large events on this weekend for two beautiful clients. In other news I guess you could say I’m a bit of a dreamer. I love to dream BIG. Always have. I have a husband whom I adore and live a life that is full. Pretty lucky you could say but it has all come with a lot of hard work, sweat and tears. Blog_Meeta_MrBaxtor_05 What’s your role at Mr Baxter? My role at Mr Baxter is to work with grooms-to-be and really just workshop ideas on how they could propose to their best friend. It’s about asking the right questions. It’s that simple. Blog_Meeta_MrBaxtor_02 What should grooms expect before meeting with you? Expect to feel excited. They are about to form a grand master plan and it’s exciting. They should expect the unexpected. Blog_Meeta_MrBaxtor_07 How involved are you in the proposal process? I can be as involved or as uninvolved as possible. Some require more input and others are like “I’ve got it”. For example, if they want us to produce the entire proposal and be there on the day to execute/oversee, or just to hand them the concept via a brief meeting face-to-face. It’s really up to the individual and how confident they are when it comes to sealing the deal. Blog_Meeta_MrBaxtor_08 What’s the most extravagant proposal you’ve put together? To be honest, we are not into extravagant. It’s more about being true to the individual. If he is showy then by all means let’s put on a show, but if he is a little less confident then a simple proposal at home can be just as affective. It’s all about proposing in a way that is sincere and true to who that person is. Blog_Meeta_MrBaxtor_09 Any complete proposal blunders? None to date. Fingers crossed! Blog_Meeta_MrBaxtor_11 To find out more, or to organise an obligation free consultation, visit their website here.