Kimberley from Badlands & Co. shows us how to make a fun and colourful Easter table arrangement. The look is unstructured and natural with groupings of yummy bright blooms!


30 minutes


Ages 14+


Vase/vessel of your choice | Snips | Water | Flowers and foliage | Cumquats | Pepper corn | Amaranthus | Geranium | Dahlias | Garden roses | Gapanthus


  1. Fill your vessel with water.
  2. Prep all your flowers. Strip the leaves off the stems so there is no loose leaves going into water. If you can forage from the garden, then do!
  3. Start with basing up your vase. I used the cumquats, geranium, pepper corn and amaranths. Basically all the foliage based materials. This will give you a good base to start with and help the flowers to sit where you need them too.
  4. Start placing your blooms within the vase. The look I used for this arrangement was more grouped. If you look closely you can see that there are small groupings of each bloom. This gives it a modern feel to it. You will find if you spread things around too much you will come out with more of an old fashioned vibe. Do not over think this part. Its often the case that the more you think, the more you struggle. If you put a flower in the wrong spot, just move it!
  5. Keep an eye on your levels. Some blooms/foliage look better when higher or lower than others. This also creates depth, which make it interesting to the eye!
  6. Just have fun with it! Its your arrangement so there is no right or wrong way!


Place it in the centre of your Easter tablescape.


If you wish, you can put a capful of bleach into the water. This will ensure that the water stays clearer for longer.

Project + Photography Badlands & Co.