Here’s a new online gift store we think you’ll love. It’s called Sorry Thanks I Love You and it’s the only online boutique in the world to sell fresh flowers, gourmet food, craft beverages and handmade accessories all from the one location. ‘We thought that there was a real problem with what was being offered when it came to gift-giving online,’ says STILY co-founder, Ant White, who doesn’t believe in selling gimmicky products. ‘So what we’ve done is sourced rare, handmade creations, partnered with boutique florists who can provide fresh, high quality flowers, and found a selection of the world’s most delicious food, champagne and spirits and put them together in a custom-designed online space.’

While there isn’t a huge range of products, what the team have chosen to feature on the site are extremely high quality and almost all made by hand, which is so much better than trawling through pages of generic gift items. ‘We’ve aimed to find products that people see and immediately want to give,’ says co-founder Matt Gurry. Think hand-woven Kashmiri scarves, a pair of Peruvian socks from New York, or a trio of cheeses from award-winning Tasmanian fromagier, Bruny Island Cheese Company. And if you want a bunch of flowers, STILY has partnered with a boutique florist in every capital city to ensure the blooms are as fresh as possible. Oh and if you need a bit of help choosing the perfect gift, just click on the ‘tailor it’ button, which will ask a bunch of quirky questions about the receiver and will adjust the selection accordingly. So cool!

STILY has also partnered with some of the world’s best designers, an award- winning florist and artist, and a Master Sommelier to create a Champagne and flower range set to be unveiled at their Sydney pop-up shop in Martin Place later this month, just in time for Mother’s Day! ‘We know that finding the right thing for someone is what makes giving exciting and meaningful,’ says final co-founder, Caroline Ball. ‘And we think that the things that take hours to design, are made by hand, or have a story to tell are the things worth giving. That’s why we have such a carefully tailored range of handmade items: so that it’s simple for people to give each other interesting and more meaningful gifts.’

Need to say Sorry, Thanks or I love you? Then head to the Sorry Thanks I Love You website today. Blog_LovemyShop_STILY_01
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